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  • AQF Certificate III

    What is an AQF Certificate III Qualification?

    If you’ve have decided that you would like to emigrate to Australia via a skilled migration path, then you will need is an AQF Certificate III. These can be obtained after completing a migration skills assessment. If you’re still unsure what the qualification is, or why you need one, then we have put together a useful guide with everything you need to know about the AQF Certificate III.

    What is an AQF Certificate III?

    The AQF Certificate III is an Australian qualification equivalent to the NVQ 2/ GNVQ Intermediate qualification in the U.K. It is recognition of skills and knowledge in a specific area of expertise. Many trades occupations require this qualification, such as Plumbers, Carpenters, Chefs and Electricians.

    Why do I need an AQF Certificate III?

    The purpose of the certificate is to qualify skilled individuals from outside of Australia. By being awarded this qualification, candidates will have shown they have the required theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to enable them to legally work in Australia.

    How can I get an AQF Certificate III?

    This qualification is awarded by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) after the successful completion of a migration skills assessment. Depending on which skilled occupation you fall under, the RTO can vary. Check the Skilled Occupations List to see if your profession is needed in Australia, and which RTO to approach.

    The skills assessment will be comprised of two parts. The first is a paper-based assessment, on which you need to include details of previous qualifications and relevant work experience. This is then followed by a practical assessment, conducted in the presence of an assessor from your RTO.

    Whether or not you are accredited the qualification depends on a number of factors:

    • You need to have the required theoretical and practical knowledge of skills. This will be assessed in your skills assessment.
    • Evidence of prior qualifications awarded by a registered authority.
    • Evidence of previous work experience and full-time paid employment within three years of beginning your skills assessment.

    On successful completion of the skills assessment, you will be given an approval letter and awarded the Australian AQF Certificate III qualification.

    What do I do once I have the AQF Certificate III?

    Once this qualification is obtained, it opens up pathways for further study and learning in Australia, which can help you build upon your skills and broaden your job opportunities.

    You can use your certificate when approaching potential employers in Australia as evidence of your skills and authorisation to work in the country.

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