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    What Skills Do Carpenters Need to Prove For An Australian Visa

    Wondering how to bag a sponsored Carpenter job in Australia? Here’s a look at the skills you’ll need to show in order to apply for a 457 visa sponsorship. 

    Australia’s energetic construction market and ageing population make it a viable destination for skilled migrant carpenters. Carpenters can apply for visas under the skilled visa program, but face a number of mandatory skills assessments to prove eligibility to work in Australia. In addition to the following skills-based requirements, you will also need to undergo a health assessment and character assessment.

    Skills Assessments

    To apply for a Points Tested Skilled Migration visa, you must provide a nominated occupation from the Australian skilled Occupation Lists (SOL), and then give evidence that appropriate skills assessments have been taken to prove your eligibility.

    There are a number of skills assessments relevant to carpenters, such as:

    • Carpenter and Joiner Skills Assessment
    • Joiner Skills Assessment
    • Cabinet Maker Skills Assessment

    A skills assessment is a three-stage process leading to Australian Certificate 111, which will be invaluable to finding work as a carpenter in Australia. The three stages are as follows:

    Trade Set Report: A set of mandatory questions through which a carpenter will declare their skills
    Evidence Gathering: A MARA approved agent will green-light the Trade Set Report, following which you will need to provide evidence of necessary skills and experience, including proof you have been qualified for more than 3 years.
    Technical Skype Interview: An Australian qualified carpenter will discuss the application and any matters not covered by the previous stages.


    Following completion of skills assessments, you will need to obtain an AQF Certificate III. This is an equivalent qualification to NVQ2/GNVQ Intermediate in the UK and is awarded by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) following completion of a migration skills assessment. The skills assessment will consist of a paper-based assessment and a practical assessment conducted in the presence of an RTO assessor.

    English Language Requirement

    To submit an expression of interest (EOI) for a Points Tested Skilled Migration visa, you must meet the English language requirement. You will need to evidence taking a suitable English language test no more than 36 months prior to being issued a visa application.

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    What do you need to work as a Carpenter in Australia

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