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    The Best Brisbane Cocktail Bars

    So you thing you are suave and sophisticated and heading to Brisbane, and are
    nervous that you will have a rough time in what is after mostly country Australia.
    Well you will be pleasantly surprised when you get to Brisbane, this is truly
    an international city and one of the hubs of tourism and business in Australia.

    colourful cocktails in a brisbane barBrisbane has a mild climate, the winters are warm and sunny and the summers are
    hotter but not uncomfortable.

    There are a lot of cocktail bars in the Brisbane CBD and in Fortitude Valley, there are
    also several in and around other the parts of the city. Many of these bars are in hotels
    but definitely not all.

    Brisbane cocktail bars are pricy, and so they should be. After all if you want a
    Singapore Sling or a Bloody Mary that’s ok, now what happens when you are talking
    to this beautiful blond and she asks for a Cherrytini or a Pink Diamond, or if you
    begin to get lucky you might need to order a Screaming Multiple Orgasm, or a Slow
    fuck (sorry, yes there is such a drink). Now this is why Brisbane cocktail bars are
    expensive as a good cocktail barman will know exactly what you mean. Now this art
    takes time to learn hence these drinks are not cheap and neither are the barmen.

    Some of these barmen are a kin to stars in their professions, remember that film with
    Tom Cruise where he plays a young bartender, who is determined to be the best and
    flashes a beaming smile at every female in the place, you got it, these barmen are
    on top gun wages and guarantee you a great night in one of Brisbane cocktail bars.

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