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    Contiki Photo Of The Day: Ubirr Sunset

    One of the most picturesque spots in Australia’s Northern Territory is Ubirr. Not only does it hold some of the country’s best rock art, it’s also where you can catch a spectacular sunset.

    Located within Kakadu National Park – Australia’s biggest at nearly 20,000 square kilometres – Ubirr is a breath-taking place of natural beauty. Peaceful, tranquil and just downright gorgeous, the distant sunset over the escarpment is a sight so pretty, you can’t help but stare in bewilderment.

    Contiki travellers are lucky enough to visit Ubirr when they book a tour that includes Kakadu, such as the 11-day Outback Adventure or the 24/25-day Big Walkabout.

    Providing tours of Australia from 3-25 days, if you’ve only got a few weeks to travel or if you’re looking to experience Australia and make new friends along the way, definitely consider organised group travel as an option. It’s great to share your experiences with like-minded people, and even better if they’re with you for the ride. Give Contiki a call on 0845 075 0990 (UK) 1300-266-845 (Australia), head to or visit your local travel agent.

    Image by @nomadic_wanderings

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