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  • Criminal Gets Stuck Breaking into house

    Criminal Gets Stuck Breaking into House

    A would-be criminal fell at the first hurdle in his attempt to break into his old house – and by “fell at the first hurdle” we mean “fell on top of the first hurdle and got stuck like an idiot”.

    The non-hurdling offender attempted to get into the house in Huddersfield by smashing the small window in the front door, then clambering through the hole. He managed to get halfway there before realising he was stuck – and for the next 15 minutes, bemused locals took photos of his legs dangling out of the door as he pleaded for help. In terms of sophisticated robberies, we’re not exactly talking Oceans 11.

    “I think he has been evicted from his house, or is due to be and he couldn’t get in because the landlord changed the locks,” said neighbour Andy Ripley. “So he decided to break the front window and climb in. But he got a bit stuck. No one helped him. He’s a bit of a local nuisance. It was all very odd.”

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