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  • Dubleup Review

    Credit Card Sized Portable Charger – Dubleup Review

    Portable chargers been weighing down your handbag or too clunky to put in your pocket. Fear not, some brainiac has finally come up with a credit card sized portable charger for actual, realistic use!

    We’ve all been running between meetings, or at a festival and our phone is about to flatline and you’ve tried everything to keep it going – remember that guy who got arrested on the underground for using a TFL plug socket? Or perhaps you’ve even ended up leaving your phone behind a bar thanks to the handy waiter who had an iPhone 5 charger. Well that can all be eradicated now, thanks to the Dubleup.

    Tried and tested by BBMLive’s busy editorial team, we took the Dubleup out with us on a couple of particularly busy days around London to see just how effective this portable charger is, and by midday we were powering up on the go. The charge doesn’t last that long, but as far as extending your battery life it’s pretty damn good.

    A good way to make sure you’re always fully charged before leaving the office is to keep a charger cable in your computer so you can give it a juice before you go.

    Dubleup review

    The Dubleup easily fits in your pocket or wallet and without any long leads and not having to plug a charger cable into it, we can honestly say that we don’t think we could live without our Dubleup now! 

    Don’t miss out on this stylish and portable charging solution, register your interest now on and check out the Kickstarter page from 9th March and make your life a little lighter!

    Early Bird Offer! The first 6000 backers will be able to get their Dubleup for just $50 USD (Around £39.94).

    Thereafter the price is $59 USD (Around £47.13).

    Both of these prices include shipping.


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