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    Find Chef Jobs in Australia with TSS Recruitment

    How To Apply For Chef Jobs In Australia

    Are you a chef or hospitality worker looking to migrate to Australia long term? Here we grill hospitality recruitment agency, TSS Recruitment about the ins and outs involved for chefs applying to live and work in Australia as well as how much Australia needs their skills.

    What kind of opportunities are there for chefs in Australia at the moment?
    There are many opportunities for experienced chefs all over Australia due to the rapid expansion of our hospitality industry, predominantly in a la carte dining venues varying from casual to fine dining.

    What’s an advantage to being a chef in Australia over other destinations?
    Not only is Australia a fantastic place to live, but the visa pathways enable chefs to go through a process that will lead to citizenship over time. Furthermore, the expanding industry is providing an opportunity for chefs from all over the world to share their knowledge and skills with one another, further honing their craft. There has never been a better time to be a chef in Australia.

    Which areas of Australia are really in need of chefs at the moment?
    There is demand all across Australia from the major cities to regional areas.

    What visas are open to chefs applying to live and work in Australia?
    There is a variety of visa available depending on the applicant’s experience and qualifications. However, the most common visa stream is the Employer Sponsored Visa which provides stable, long-term employment within one business.

    What’s the most straight forward way of applying for a skilled visa for Australia?
    None are particularly straightforward. Applying for an Australian visa can be a complicated process. While it may sound self-serving, by far the most straightforward way off applying for an Australian visa of any type is to use a Registered Migration Agent.

    Which other kitchen jobs are TSS currently recruiting for?
    TSS have kitchen positions for candidates who have strong experience working in a la carte kitchen environments, typically from chef de partie positions up to head chef positions.

    What kind of establishments can chefs applying through TSS Recruitment hope to work in?
    Our clients are varied both in location and the style of the establishment, candidates can expect to work in venues which will be most suited to their skills and experience, whether they are a Michelin trained chef or a cook in a pub.

    Do you hold interviews prior to candidates arriving in Australia?
    Once a candidate has sent through their resume we make an initial assessment of their suitability, if they have the experience our clients would be looking for they will be screened via Skype, there is much interaction with our team before the candidates are presented to potential employers.

    What have your successful placements said is the best thing about emigrating to Australia?
    Talking to many of our past candidates when they have settled into Australian employment a common thread is always having a supportive and welcoming employer and having a stable environment for themselves and their families to live. Our candidates are all looking to be in the hospitality industry for the long haul, and like anyone else they value the job and lifestyle security migrating to Australia has brought them.

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    How to apply for Chef jobs in Australia

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