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    How To Save Money Moving To Australia

    Moving to Australia is a big decision. Whether it be a permanent move, a working holiday or for a sponsored job, there’s lots to consider once you’ve made the decision to move to Australia.

    You’ll want to have lots of home comforts with you to ensure you don’t get too homesick, as Australia is pretty far away from pretty much everything! And the vast time difference to the UK can make it difficult to call home frequently meaning you can feel a little isolated at first. But do bare in mind, once you’ve found somewhere to live and found a job, you’ll have little time to worry about what’s going on back home.

    Save Up Extra Cash

    The top tip that comes back from many seasoned expats when asked about their move to Australia is to save more money than you think you’ll need. In fact save up as much money as humanly possible, as this will help you make a smooth transition into Aussie life. After all you’re going to need a deposit for a flat, money for food and shelter in interim before finding a place and a job, as well as some fun money to get acquainted with your new city.

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    Shipping To Australia

    When emigrating to Australia you may want to bare in mind that many of the apartments and homes on offer are unfurnished which means you could end up shelling out loads on furniture. The other side to the coin is, if you’re moving over for a couple of years or permanently you’ll be needing to empty your home so you don’t end up shelling out loads on storage. This is when a cheap shipping deal can come in handy. Using an internationals shipping company can vastly cut your costs so you can neatly load up your essentials such as your sofa, tv, bed etc. so you’re ready to roll as soon as you’ve found an apartment or house.

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    Getting Your Visa

    Of course, before any of the above can happen you need to apply for a visa for Australia. Depending on what you want to do whilst in Australia and how long you want to stay you’ll need to check out the various visas. Of course you can apply for a skilled or sponsored job, or partner visa if you’re moving over for romantic reasons. The best way to obtain visa information and to save money on your application is by using a Registered Migration Agent. The visa application process for Australia can be lengthy and expensive, so it’s always best to use a Registered Migration Agent as they can make sure your application is filled out properly and you have all the correct paperwork. After all, imagine if you had to spend another couple of thousand pounds just because you made a mistake with your first application!

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    Do Your Research

    A great way to find your bearings and work out where you want to live in Australia before making the move is to do a working holiday or hop over to Australia on a simple visitors visa. Travel around and experience the different cities and states. You could also do a few tours to explore the beauty and vastly varied terrain of Australia. Making sure you know whether you want to live in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane or any other Aussie cities before moving over will make the process a lot simpler as you can narrow down your job and house hunt before even arriving.

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