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    International Shipping with Seven Seas Worldwide

    Whether you're moving to the UK, Australia, Singapore or indeed anywhere in the world, international shipping company, Seven Seas Worldwide are on hand to help you with all your moving needs.Seven Seas Worldwide is the first choice for many moving excess baggage and personal belongings across the globe. SSWW offer a fast, flexible and affordable international door-to-door shipping service, collecting and delivering all manner of items throughout the world from extra luggage and suitcases to sports equipment and furniture. readers will be able to take full advantage of a 5% discount on International Shipping to Australia and International Shipping to the UK. Read on to find out more about the latest shipping deals and valuable information, tips and handy guides for moving your prized goods around the world. 

    Save money, get added security and support on your international shipping by using the expertise of Seven Seas Worldwide

    With Seven Seas Worldwide you don't need to rely on a man and a van, nor do you need to hand over all your treasured possessions to a faceless corporation who don't have the time to deal with your needs. With SSWW you can meet in the middle and work with an international shipping company that's been in business for over 20 years. 

    International Shipping Offer Australia

    Get 5% off your whole shipment when you quote 


    International Shipping Offer United Kingdom

    Get 5% off your whole shipment to the UK when you quote


    Money Saving Tips For Moving To Australia

    If you’re hoping to make your pound go a little further when you pitch up at your new Australian address, we’ve a few tips for you courtesy of Seven Seas Worldwide and our two decades’-worth of experience, shipping personal belongings to and from Australia.

    Perhaps the first issue to bring up is the subject of property. If you can buy a property that, as they say, ‘needs a bit of work’ and knock the seller down on the asking price, you could find yourself with a desirable investment...


    Student Shipping Deals For Your Gap Year In Australia

    If you’ve just received your A-level results and are planning a gap year, then why not head down under to Australia?

    With so much to see and do, you can happily spend your gap year in Australia either travelling around, taking a course, or even getting work experience.

    The benefits of travelling to Australia on your gap year are endless and with it being an English speaking country your chances of getting work are also improved...


    Save Money On Shipping To Australia

    So now you’ve decided that overseas is where your future lies, it’s time to think about how far your budget will stretch in your chosen destination. Here are a few pointers on how to plan for financial security, wherever you lay your hat.

    This is the most important tip. Before you pack your suitcase and bubble-wrap your mementos, work out a plan of how your current budget will work in your new locations. Do the whole Excel Spreadsheet thing... ​


    Money Saving Tips For Moving Within Australia 

    Whether you moved to Australia for the adventure, the work or quality of life, the one issue that remains a constant is one of money. Before moving to Australia, you will have planned your budget to ensure a smooth transition, setting up a bank account and so on. Now you’re here, what else can you do to keep on top of your finances? Here are a few tips courtesy of Seven Seas Worldwide, one of the most popular relocation companies in both the UK and Australia. Trust us, we’ve been in the shipping business for over twenty years; we know a thing or two about making a success of moving abroad.


    Making your move soon? Find out how much your shipping will be... 

    Want to do it all in one go? Find out about the International MoveCube®

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