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    Jason Byrne Interview Ahead Of His Australia Tour

    A stalwart on Australia’s comedy circuit, BBMLive’s Hannah Shakir catches up with Irish comedian, Jason Byrne ahead of his 2017 Australia tour having taken a couple of years out.

    Immediately commenting on the sorry state of the UK weather, Jason is clearly affected by the lack of sunshine as his disappointed tone denotes… “I did a gig last night, a show, and people were wearing their coats in the fucking venue. I thought ‘what is happening?’ And I ended up having a great job because the Irish feed on misery. We enjoy misery. We think it’s funny. But anyway, I’m leaving for Australia on the 18th or 19th, I think. Oh, my god, I can’t wait.”

    It’s a slight understatement to say that Jason has a massive following in Australia, as this guy is pretty much always selling out shows, and has been toing and froing to Aus for the best part of the last decade. After his two-year break, Jason is returning with his ‘Propped Up’ show, “…the thing with this show, well it’s confused because it’s called Jason Byrne Propped Up because of the Edinburgh show last year, and obviously, I haven’t been there [Australia] for two years. But Australia, they want me to do that show. And at the moment, I’m working on my Edinburgh show in Ireland. So it’s a bit strange.” Worrying about the confusion between his older and newer material, he predicts a mix up, “I know what’s going to happen. I’m going to end up doing stuff from the new show.” So, it’s fair to say, ticket holders can expect something unique from the blends of whatever will come out of Jason’s mouth.

    As random as his shows may be, if you’re thinking about heckling this particular comedian, then you might want to think again, as Jason has a solution for hecklers and it’s called a cunt box. Confused… let him explain how it works…

    “We have these red boxes on stage. You know like Deal or No Deal, Noel Edmunds? I have those on stage with three of them numbered. If anybody heckles me or gives me trouble – I did this in Newcastle on the English tour with the Propped Up show and this guy wouldn’t shut-up. He was trying to be funny. And you know Geordies, they don’t like a fucking smartarse.

    “So, they’re looking at me going ‘oh, don’t mind him. He’s alright, he’s alright.’ And I said ‘pick a number of one of the boxes’ and he goes ‘five.’ And you go ‘okay.’ And he goes ‘is there a car in it?’ Like, he kept talking as I was walking towards him. And people are going ‘oh, shut up.’ And I went ‘I dunno, there might be a car, there might be money.’ So, I let him keep talking. And then I flip it open and written on the back is ‘cunt’.

    “I just pointed it to him and I’ve never seen a room erupt into laughter and clapping and pointing at him and going ‘yeah, you fucking – you are one. You are one.”

    You’ll be pleased to also find out that Jason sells smaller versions of these “cunt boxes” at his shows, so you too can deal with real life hecklers in an efficient way.

    Jason Byrne Tour Dates:

    23rd – 26th March – Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane Comedy Festival –
    23rd April – The Forum, Melbourne International Comedy Festival –
    28th April – Enmore Theatre, Sydney Comedy Festival –
    29th April – Regal Theatre, Perth Comedy Festival –

    By Hannah Shakir

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