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    Escape To The Kimberley Gorges

    The Kimberley is a rugged corner of North Western Australia that is the perfect destination for those with a sense of adventure.

    Off the beaten track you can delve into the heart of western Kimberley and discover dramatic wildlife retreats, gorges, ancient creeks and more.

    If you’ve already made your way north on a Perth to Broome tour, then you’ll be in prime position to explore the Kimberley. Setting off from Broome, you’ll pass through Boab trees, giant, towering termite mounds and passed roaming cattle.

    Reaching the mighty Fitzroy River, you’re in prime position to explore Geikie Gorge – a 30 meter deep gorge carved between the Geikie and Oscar Ranges. The gorge floods in the wet season, but retreats in the dry leaving its tide mark on the colourful gorge walls. For those staying overnight, an evening camping under the Kimberley night sky may well render you speechless from the stunningly clear views of the Southern Hemisphere sky.

    Onward from Geikie, you can take a bumpy 4WD route to Tunnel Creek – an impressive 750 meter cave system carved through the Napier Range. Interestingly, the Napier Range is a Devonian reef system which is over 350 million years old. Whilst visiting this area of the Kimberley you can take a dip in the freshwater swimming hole before continuing on to Windjana Gorge, where you may spot a few “freshies” (an Aussie term used to make freshwater crocodiles sound sweet and innocent).

    If you’re looping back around to Broome on your travels, then you’ll also have the chance to see the infamous Boab Prison Tree. Believed to be 1500 years old, and measuring a massive 15 meters in girth, the tree was savagely used as a prison for local Aboriginals during the era of the Kimberley pioneers,

    Explore the Kimberley Gorges with Kimberley Wild’s 2 Day Kimberley Gorges Tour from Broome from $525.

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