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    4 Reasons To Visit Amsterdam For Kings Day

    Amsterdam’s a European cultural focal point and there’s no better time than to go visit when the Kings Day national holiday is in swing. The holiday celebrates King Willem-Alexander and sees a myriad of cultural vibrancy echoing through the streets of the Dutch capital.

    There’s already plenty to draw you into the city’s unique lifestyle – be it the archetypal cafés or the iconic museums, Amsterdam has much to immerse you. Kings Day further augments this, encouraging music and art alongside a variety street food, so there’s plenty to get you exploring every side street that might catch your eye.

    Here’s 4 reasons to hop on a flight to the Netherlands and experience Amsterdam on the Kings Day national Holiday.

    Huge Street Party

    Street parties are the essence of what makes Kings Day, and they are in abundance in Amsterdam for the national holiday. Everyone loves a party and with well over a million in attendance each year, Kings Day doesn’t do things by half. All shades of orange will be in affluence across every winding street as the public celebrates the national colours of the Netherlands. You’ll be squeezing in and out through the crowds as you navigate the parties; be prepared to be bombarded by swarms of friendly and energetic locals!

    Oranjebloesem Festival

    Oranjebloesem Festival will celebrate its 4th year this April 27th, returning to Amsterdam for the Kings Day national holiday and as usual welcoming a cracking display of electronic music to complement the Dutch capital’s already vibrant underground scene. The lineup is boasting some serious talent from around the globe and will be staged at Amsterdam’s city beach. Blijburg will feature 4 stages from both DJs and live acts with one stage devoted exclusively to the live outfits including KiNK and Âme (the #1 and #4 best electronic live acts as stated by Resident Advisor). Further artists include Bicep, Kiasmos, Extrawelt and Optimo with fellow Dutch brands Dekmantel and Beesmunt providing their sound systems. Kings Day is an art and culture celebration and Oranjebloesem is here to give you an electronic underground alternative whilst still enjoying the attractions that the city has to offer. Tickets and info —

    Coffee Shops

    Probably one of the main attractions to the city (!) and a prospect that continues to bring punters back to the capital year after year. The infamous smoking coffee shops are definitely something to experience in your Amsterdam adventures, and even more of an experience on King’s Day. With all the frenetic festivities happening across the city, it might be a nice respite to enjoy a ‘relax’ in one of the citywide coffee shops and indulge yourself in some further Dutch culture.

    Citywide street sale

    Whilst you’re wandering through the vast parties you’ll no doubt stumble across the street stalls. Everyone and anyone comes to set up their own makeshift street stalls selling anything you could possibly imagine. Imagine a car-boot sale on a citywide scale and you can start to paint the picture of Kings Day’s street sale. The ‘free market’ is a wonderland for the seasoned shopper, though make sure you’re ready to haggle!

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    Images by Cris Toalar Olivares

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