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  • L D R U Interview ahead of Touch Bass

    Drew Carmody, a.k.a. L D R U, began his journey from his home life of Sydney’s Northern Beaches to position as one of the most followed and requested acts in the Australian music industry. He is known for crafting a trap sound which is uniquely his own; a sound which has been dubbed as ‘trap-ical’, a very apt description for his summery, feel good productions. He will be hitting the major Australian cities as part of the inaugural and upcoming Touch Bass tour alongside internationals such as Jauz, Snails and Slushii this coming April. We caught up with the local whiz-kid for a quick chat about Touch Bass and his hectic tour schedule…

    1. You were crazy busy over the New Years period with Falls, Southbound and Field Day. Talk us through how your festival run, what was your most memorable moment?
    Where do I begin! It was actually non-stop, probably the first run of shows that’s tested me mentally due to lack of sleep… I’ve done the no sleep thing before but this was next level the order went something like this: car, plane, car, show, car, sleep for 2 hours, plane, car, show and repeat for 5 days. Most Memorable moment would have been rocking up to Byron Bay’s Falls Festival with literally 2 mins before the show, getting escorted through the whole event by a buggie and then hear everyone scream when I walked on stage. That was a very nice feeling. 🙂

    2. Dance legends PNAU just had you on board to remix their sun drenched tune ‘Chameleon’ alongside Crookers, Dom Dolla and Kormak. The track turned out absolutely beautifully, how did it feel when you got word these guys were a fan of your work? Do you have any other remixes up your sleeve?
    I’ve loved Pnau ever since they released ‘Wild Strawberries’ so to have them ask me remix their tune was an honour! Unfortunately no more cheeky remixes as I’m just focusing on my solo stuff, but hey you never know! 

    3. If we were going to have a scroll through your iTunes, which artists would we find in your ‘most played’ playlist?
    Gorillaz – Demon Days

    4. You’re about to embark on three days of absolute madness with the upcoming Touch Bass tour. Featuring on the line-up is some outright bass royalty – Jauz, Snails, new kid Slushii and yourself. Will you be inviting some vocalists along for the ride? A shoey or two perhaps?
    We are actually just launched a competition in which the winner will join me on stage and sing ‘To Be Free’ in each city which is pretty cool. Vocals always make the show for me. Not that much of a fan of the old shoey anymore since Paul Fisher from Cut Snake told me a story about getting tinea in the mouth ha!

    5. Other than the run of Touch Bass shows, what’s planned for 2017?
    We’ve got the Bass in the Grass shows up north alongside the Big Pineapple Festival, then off to America for Splash House, Hard and most likely some house parties in between.

    6. Time to plug your boys, who’s some local upcoming talent you think should be getting some love?
    Mammals aka Guy Brown just released a killer EP. If your into chilled vibes this is for you.

    7. A little known fact about you is you started producing after becoming bedridden following a nasty accident at work. A blessing in disguise perhaps? What’s been your top highlight since hitting the airwaves?
    Yeah you could say that. Keeping Score went double platinum the other day which put a massive smile on my face! 🙂

    8. You’ve mentioned an upcoming album is in the works, can we expect to hear any teasers on the Touch Bass tour?  
    Of course you will hear them all!

    9. You’re a Sydney native, what are your favourite things to do when you’re back home?
    Have a beer with friends, surf and get back to the studio with some Battlefield in between.

    10. To wrap things up let’s play a little ‘Getting to Know LDRU’. What was your first job, favourite super hero, least favourite TV show, most worn item of clothing and oldest possession?
    Pinching other kids lunches at school and selling them, Batman, M.A.S.H, my trusty black jeans – and I can’t think of my oldest possession as that’s a tough one.


    Tour Dates
    Friday 14th April: Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide
    Saturday 15th April: Belvoir Amphitheatre, Perth
    Sunday 16th April: Valley Block Party, Brisbane
    Sunday 16th April: Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

    Tickets available from:


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