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    What To Look Forward To When Moving To Australia

    If you’re starting a new chapter in Oz, you may find several negative voices in your head making a case for staying home in good old Blighty. Whichever way you dress it up, moving halfway across the world is a big deal. So we thought it would be a nice idea if we put together a series of wholly optimistic factoids to help put your mind at rest.

    Naturally there are many practical changes to take into consideration when adjusting to life in Australia such as buying a house, finding work and finding a school for your children, but there are just as many reassuring aspects of Australian life that will hopefully lower the stress levels a little.

    Firstly, the Australian coastlines. If you’re moving somewhere close to the coast, you’re already winning. Many Australians are drawn to the sea which has inevitably led to Australia becoming a nation of swimmers. Everyone can swim. Most of them could swim for their country. And those that do swim for their country are superhuman fish-like hybrids, though admittedly that is yet to be verified.  And as a result of this aquatic love, Australia’s public pools are of the very highest standard.

    A recent study showed six of the ten most affordable cities for public transport are in Australia, ahead of London, Berlin, Paris and New York: Music to your ears if you intend on being a city commuter.

    It almost goes without saying but let us give you a quick heads-up as to the weather situation: It’s still really hot. Like, unbearably hot, a lot of the time. Now if you’ve been away living somewhere not as hot, like, say Europe or the Sun, it will take a little time for you to adjust and adapt your wardrobe accordingly. But adjust and adapt you will!

    Australia is the world leader when it comes to looking after the working man and woman. The minimum wage in Australia is currently $17.70AUD per hour. That’s pretty good news, not just because it’s so generous but because it demonstrates that when it comes to workers’ rights and working conditions in general, Australia can’t be beaten.

    Aussies are social animals who love to talk, make friends and help out where possible. It’s not a trait you find everywhere in the world and returning to this land of affability will come as a bit of a culture shock. But if you’re here to stay, you’ll soon be instigating random conversations at the ATM queue with the best of them.

    So there you go. Just five examples of how your trip to Australia will feel a little more comforting. And for extra security and reassurance, don’t forget to talk to Seven Seas Worldwide about reliable and affordable door-to-door relocation. Oh and check out our MoveCube service, it’s a revolutionary approach to house removals!

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