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    Secret Garden Party Survival Kit

    Indie music and arts festival Secret Garden Party is back this Thursday 23rd July and will be wrapping up the week in silliness and style in their Huntingdon lakeside grounds.

    This year’s theme is “Childish Things,” and encourages you to take your second stab at childhood at this highly-anticipated annual event complete with paint fights, a dance-off, games arena and disco picnic. The festival has in the last few years hosted Regina Spektor, Lily Allen, Blondie,  KT Tunstall, Sub Focus, Django Django and MØ, and this year will follow the trend, featuring Temple, Kate Tempest and The Correspondents in their 2015 line-up.

    But partying for half a week can be hard work. Here are some key essentials you’ll need to make sure you get through the weekend.

    1. A Good Tent

    go outdoors tent

    The number one essential to any British festival-goer: the means of not getting wet. And getting a good shut-eye, if you’re lucky. GO Outdoor’s Vango Eos 550 comfortably fits between 5 to 6 people, and is roomy enough to stand up in. Due to it’s size and comfortable airiness, you wake up in the morning without that sweaty claustrophobic tent-feeling, there’s storage space to spare and a large awning for chilling outside. At £150, it’s glamping for the cheap.

    2. A Camping Chair

    camping chair

    Or two, if you have friends. Clas Ohlson is currently running a 2 for £10 deal of simple, pack—able and easy-carry camping chairs, with a little drinks pouch on the right armrest. Another essential weapon for combating the British mud epidemic, this handy camping accessory will enable you to enjoy a morning beer without ruining your jeans.

    3. A Portable Phone Charger


    In this modern day and age, you need not leave the phone at home. Take photos, record compromising videos and use 3G to your heart’s content: but bring a charger to back it up. Mipow Power Tube 10000 is a lightweight power cylinder that resembles some kind of futuristic battery from a sci-fi flick. It is a universal charger with two USB outputs (charge two devices at once!) and has a snazzy battery meter on the side that follows the battery power. With a massive 10,400mAh capacity, this will easily last you and your friends the festival.

    mirror power charger

    The ladies might appreciate the Mirror Power alternative: this charges most devices with the added bonus of doubling up as a mirror – great for putting on make-up in the morning. The charger also boasts LED backlighting so you can even use it the dark. Also; funky patterns.

    4. A Portable Speaker


    What’s a festival without music? Okay, so you’ve been to all the stages, but still. The Divoom Airbeat-10 is a portable bluetooth speaker kitted up with a bike mount, a suction cup for hard surfaces and extra subwoofer for bass amplification. It’s also splash-proof, so no need to worry about those drinks you will inevitably spill. Or rain. It’s comes in black, white, red and blue and is available for just under £30.

    5. A Torch

    my magic torch

    Almost forgot that one didn’t you? You’ll thank me when you get that call of nature at 3am, or when your tent-mate thinks it’s funny to tell you about the spiders under your matt. My Magic Torch by Ventus has a powerful battery that can store up over five hours of constant light and a tough, drop-proof, splash-proof design, making it the ideal festival buddy. It has a wind-up mechanism but can also be charged via USB. And the best bit? It has a nifty emergency phone charge capability, and comes with phone adapters for Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and iPhone. And it comes with a pouch.

    6. A Camera

    polaroid camera

    Because what are good memories without hard proof to show them off with? The Polaroid IE826 18MP digital compact camera comes with a USB cable, wrist strap, lithium-ion battery and an 8x optical zoom. It works great with colour and detail, and has a rands of auto modes geared for everything from landscapes to fast-moving action shots: perfect for festivals. It also has a 720p HD video-recording capability and nice vintage effects to finish off your pictures, you hipster you.

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