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  • On the Road to Adventure but Stuck in the Airport: A Guide to Make the Most of Your Time

    As a traveller waiting in the airport the anticipation of your adventure is high but how do you cope with the hours of waiting between connections? There is only so much browsing of airport duty-free shops that one person can cope with. For the modern-day traveller, there is a wealth of ways to pass time through your smartphone. Here are some ideas of how you can enjoyably pass away the time before your great adventure starts and elevate any anxieties about your trip.

    Plan Your Trip

    You have probably done lots of research already but there is nothing more exciting than looking at where you are going and what is available for you to experience when you get there. It makes the trip more real, and as you are so close to being there refresh your memory of the places that are top of your list to visit and find some more hidden gems.  Explore travel forums such as Lonely Planet’s Thorntree to get ideas and advice about your trip.

    Check the details of where you are staying and how you are going to get there to reduce the stress when you finally arrive, tired and just want to shower and sleep.

    Catch up on News

    Take the opportunity to relax and see what has been happening in the world and catch up with the news you have missed. There is a plethora of news apps that you can download to filter the news to your tastes such as BuzzFeed, favoured for its viral listicals and other fun content, SmartNews which focuses on trending stories listed by category, or Flipboard that presents the news in a magazine-style format.

    Disappear into Another World

    Put the hustle and bustle of the airport behind you and immerse yourself into another world of online games. There are literally hundreds of games to suit all tastes, from puzzle games like Candy Crush through to strategy war games like Clash of the Titans. You could even try your luck in the online casinos to boost your travel spends. Sites like Bitcasino are optimised for mobile gaming so your experience is not compromised using your smartphone and through using bitcoins you can game securely in any country regardless of the currency. On Bitcasino you can try all the traditional games from roulette, poker and blackjack, to slot machines and dice games if you fancy.


    Relax and listen to some music. Or browse music apps like iTunes or iTube to download some new music for you to explore. Create new playlists to enhance your travels such as music for the flight to help you relax and sleep, upbeat tracks for travelling on the road, relaxing sunbathing songs, and party tunes for a night out. Discover new tracks that will live with the memories of your travels forever.

    Social Media

    Take the time to catch up with friends and family on social media. Make that crucial post letting everyone know that you are on your way on an exciting adventure.

    If none of this really take your fancy, why not absorb the going on around you, talk to people and hear their stories, or even start a flash mob with some friends to entertain everyone…? Whatever you do to make the time pass enjoy this down time before you reach your destination and your life becomes full on with adventures and new experiences.

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