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    Things To Do In Tasmania

    With its mountains, forests, national parks, lakes and coastline, there are so many things to do in Tasmania, that it’s a strong contender to be Australia’s number one state for adventurers. Its compact size compared to Queensland or WA means that it packs a punch across a smaller area, and you’d struggle to not find an activity to your liking.

    Rock Climbing

    From small and short climbs to multi-day wilderness adventures, the mountains and cliffs of Tasmania provide a climber’s utopia. You have the famous Totem Pole at 200ft, the coastal cliffs of Freycinet Peninsular, and Mount Wellington overlooking Hobart to choose from. And, if you want an exciting way of going back down, incorporate two activities in one by abseiling to the bottom.


    You can sit your kayak on the ocean waters and spot the marine life of the coast, or take on the white water thrills of the streaming rivers, because when it comes to kayaking, Tasmania is king. There are over 300 islands and even opportunities to paddle just minutes from Hobart, so hire a kayak and see where it take you, or book yourself on a tour and let someone guide you.

    Hang Gliding

    Let the wind pick you up and carry you from some of Tasmania’s breath taking peaks, or, if you’re a little more cautious, feel the freedom of flying with the additional safety of cable hang gliding. With views for miles as you soar 400m over the forest, you’ll be able to see Tasmania in a whole new way and experience the thrill that only the most daring have been able to.

    Horse Riding

    You might not be going at high speeds, but horse riding can be a seriously memorable way of travelling around Tasmania. From the pristine beaches with the wind in your hair, to high up in the alpine lakes and mountains, relax on horseback and take in the sheer beauty that surrounds you.

    Off Roading

    Make some noise in a 4WD or on a quad bike and traverse the Tasmanian bush. You can ride quad bikes on the beaches of Flinders Island, cross the dirt tracks of Springfield by motorbike, or explore the rugged north-west coast in a 4WD. Whatever vehicle you choose, the area you can cover is phenomenal.

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