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  • Travel And Volunteer In India With ISpiice

    Looking for a way to travel India and explore the country’s rich culture, whilst making a very real difference to some of the world’s most deprived communities? With ISpiice (Integrated Social Programs in Indian Child Education), you can discover the rolling hills and stunning landscape of the Kangra Valley, whilst making an impact on its inhabitants.

    The scheme offers a variety of projects that focus heavily on the social problems that penetrate through this valley and its local communities. Choose to teach English, health education or computer skills to women or children, to help in renovations, to care for local homeless children, or participate in local summer camps with ISpiice.

    travel and volunteer in india

    The value of education in this part of the world is significant. India is a less economically developed country where it is particularly common for families to lack the disposable income to provide their children with a high standard of education. That’s where ISpiice’s volunteers come in, teaching both women and children key life skills and English that makes them all the more employable and boosts their sense of self-worth. ISpiice also offers a program that focuses on revamping the health system. Like the education system, India lacks a comprehensive medical scheme and adequate medicinal resources. ISpiice attempts to remedy this through health awareness training programs that seek to protect communities from the glaringly obvious gaps in the health system. Choose from a range of levels of teaching, from posts in primary schools to private tuition.

    One of the most popular choices when volunteering is physical work to restore local community buildings. These renovation projects are offered by ISpiice, and are a fantastic way to explore your creative side by creating cheerfully artistic public spaces. Schools and village halls serve as a crucial centrepiece to rural communities, but are often dilapidated due to a distinctive lack of public funding, and are ravaged by harsh weather. ISpiice ask volunteers to help clear these spaces and design artwork and paint walls to create a bright, fun space for communities to congregate.

    ISpiice also offers a program that targets women’s empowerment. The gender gap in rural India is significant, and can only be eradicated with the help of non-governmental organisations (NGOs). ISpiice’s project involves a series of training activities, classes and teaching projects that help boost local women’s sense of value and their chance for social mobility.

    travel and volunteer in india

    Aside from the extensive range of volunteer projects offered by ISpiice, the NGO also offers some fun activities outside of volunteering so that your time as a volunteer is nicely balanced with exploring the local region. With your fellow volunteers, you can explore the rolling hills of the Kangra Valley, and visit some of India’s most cherished landmarks such as the Taj Mahal, or the world famous Sikh Golden Temple. Discover the snow-capped mountains of Manali and explore the Himalayan mountain range and witness its unique wildlife on a fun-filled hiking expedition.

    Securing your place on one of ISpiice’s unforgettable projects is straightforward, with prices starting at just £264/$555AUD for 2 weeks – making ISpiice’s programs some of the most affordable on offer. This price is inclusive of airport transfers, daily meals and trips to local tourist sites! The cost also covers all accommodation in the communal volunteer house. Choose from a variety of start dates, and secure travel to your ultimate destination with a pre-arranged pick up from Delhi airport. Projects take place in various villages that are situated in the Kangra Valley district, a popular location for travellers for its abundance of natural beauty.

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