10 Amazing Ways To Add Farmhouse Style To Any Home

Amazing Ways To Add Farmhouse Style To Any Home

Houses designed in a farmhouse style are relatively more tranquil and beautiful. There’s no surprise that modern farmhouse decor has taken over the niche lately. They make homes feel more cozy and welcoming.

Often people wonder what farmhouse-style décor is and what they can do to incorporate it into their homes. If you too would like to know, keep on reading. 

1. Use neutral colors on the walls.

For an authentic farmhouse look, choosing the right paint color is crucial. Go for neutral, soothing colors: soft grays, greens, and beige work best. Also, creamy whites and delicate blues too. Your home should be a place of openness, calm, and comfort. 

Don’t pick colors that are too dark or too bright, and also don’t paint every room a different color as this helps everything blend. 

2. Barn doors with sliding panels

Sliding barn doors are easy to install and fun to use. You can choose from rustic, industrial, sleek, and modern styles and colors to fit any decor with barn door hardware. With barn door, pair milky-white door hardware with a bronze patina for a casual farmhouse feel.

3. Textured furniture

A farmhouse-style home should feature textured furniture to complete the look. It elevates the design of a room when a piece of furniture has a textured or distressed finish. Also, old doors and windows play a crucial role in rustic farmhouse furniture design. 

You can achieve the look you want by adding wood stains to your furniture or painting it with chalk or milk paint. Additionally, furniture with a distressed look is available if you don’t have time to distress yourself.  

4. Farmhouse tables

It’s hard to deny that farmhouse tables add an element of history and elegance to a home. Its strength and size will add a presence to your home, unlike any other dining room table. It will be the only dining room table you’ll ever need in your home. This piece of furniture is both functional and beautiful at the same time.

5. Add Eclectic Signs

Amazing Ways To Add Farmhouse Style To Any Home

Farmhouse style is all about bringing a sense of freshness and simplicity to your living space. The perfect way to accomplish this is by posting way signs at your home that recommend a slower pace and a more simplified life. Create or find signs that symbolize farm markets, fresh flowers, and spending time well. 

6. Incorporate Dimension

Adding wainscoting, shiplap, or beadboard can make a big difference in your home. One thing you’ll notice about farmhouse-style homes is that the walls are filled with texture and dimension. The majority of authentic farmhouses had real, rustic shiplap.

Start by adding beadboard to your bathroom walls, shiplap to your living room, or perhaps wainscoting to your dining room.

7. Natural Rugs

The key to farmhouse design is bringing natural elements into the home. Rugs in jute, sisal, or wool are the perfect accompaniment to easy living, adding comfort while sticking to a silent statement. Another excellent rug option is a braided rug in soft colors. Choosing area rugs that match hardwood floors is the best option, so consider rolling up your sleeves and installing them yourself.

8. Paint Old Furniture

You can paint any old furniture that looks worn out to give it a new look. The transformation you’ll see is impressive if you’ve never painted furniture before. Look for items at yard sales and thrift stores that can be distressed in just one afternoon, and you’ll have an item that looks like it was passed down through generations. Chalk paint can be a perfect beginner’s product, as it provides an ideal look and is very forgiving.

Remember, this may not work for every piece of furniture, and some are better left as they are. However, it is suggested that keeping your furniture in the same color scheme will help bring the entire room together. 

9. Combine old and new elements

Amazing Ways To Add Farmhouse Style To Any Home

It is great to mix old and vintage items, and you will be pleased with the result. Instead of a standard vase, consider using something unexpected and vintage for floral arrangements—such as a flour sifter. By combining old and new, the farmhouse style is characterized by the practical and artistic use of the old.

10. Barn Board

To make a piece of furniture that makes a statement, it only needs a few things to get the look of antique wood and little work to transform raw wood into an appealing piece. For a rustic wood look, ready-to-hand wall sheathing kits are available. Since they are lightweight and easy to cut and position, they are the perfect one-person project. Any soft pine can be distressed with a little stain, a hammer, and a nail for that perfect time-worn look. Furthermore, barnboard makes ideal shelving and mantelpiece materials that add character to any space. 


It is crucial to know what elements you will use in your home to achieve the mood you want. The simple, farmhouse-style decor creates a feeling of simpler times, a cool breeze through the fields, and a glass of sweet tea on the porch. The best part is that you don’t have to live in the countryside to get this comfortable look.