10 Australian Universities to Attend If You Want to Pursue a Career in the Medical Field

Australian Universities to Attend

Students wishing to breakthrough in the medical field must know that it always starts with a strong and grounded education. It is that education that will give you the necessary tools to compete, enter, and set your status in the highly competitive medical field. 

If you have made the decision to pursue a career in healthcare, you’d want to enroll in a university that has the appropriate program for you. This can be a daunting search, which is why making Med Assisting one of your primary search tools will prove to be invaluable in the long run, especially if you are interested in becoming a medical assistant. From there, you can get all the guidance and information you need about programs, certificates, jobs and details about the field. Some of the information provided is also addressed to physicians, nurses or other healthcare professionals, and some focus on informing patients.

Healthcare is one of the largest industries worldwide, and it happens to be the largest industry in Australia. This means job opportunities are abundant all across the country. The range of opportunities is wide and unique, and you can find fields of study that interest you, available in Australian educational institutions.

If you’re a non-native candidate that wishes to apply to a medical college in Australia, you will have to first provide proof that you have the required English language skills. All Australian universities accept these official English exams: IETS, TOEFL, and C1 Advanced. International students living in Australia at the time of application must take the equivalent GAMSAT test. They may also be required to participate in an interview prior to acceptance. 

The following 10 Australian universities have earned their high rank worldwide through their exceptional teaching staff, as well as course materials designed to give students the background education needed to be leaders in the medical field.

  1. University of Melbourne: It is ranked number 17 worldwide, and takes the first spot in Australia. With a solid reputation, this university is the oldest and most established one in the country, known for its med school’s leadership in training, health, research, policy and practice with a more than distinguished staff of professors.
  2. University of Sydney: This university is number 18 in the QS World University Rankings for medical schools—the most reliable university ranking system worldwide. While the university is extremely established in its overall medical teaching, it does stand out in three major areas: education, research and clinical care.
  3. Monash University: It enjoys a worldwide rank of 32. The Monash University Department of Medicine is located at Monash Medical Centre, which is a referral hospital serving over one million people. 
  4. University of Queensland: The institution offers world-class teaching in medicine, public health, and biomedical sciences. It also accommodates five clinical research institutes and centers. As expected, it is also ranked among the top 50 universities worldwide.
  5. University of South Wales: Its School of Medical Sciences, founded in 2001, following the merger of the previous schools of Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology, and Pathology. It boasts a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate education programs. You will also find an impressive list of courses from being in an online postgraduate study of cosmetic medicine, so you can expect a lot of interesting learning opportunities. The university is ranked number 37 worldwide.
  6. James Cook University: The university is located in North Queensland. The JCU School of Medicine combines integrated learning in biomedical sciences, professional practice and clinical medicine. The student population is around 22,000 with an international student body of 1,800. The program has a distinctive regional undertaking with a focus on the needs of rural, remote and deprived communities, tropical medicine and the health of Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders. 
  7. Griffith University of Medical School: Griffith’s School of Medicine opened in 2005. It is accredited by the Australian Medical Council and incorporates a strong community focus. Most of the on-campus learning occurs in small groups, such as problem-based learning tutorials and clinical skills laboratories. These are combined with clinical placements starting from the second month of your degree, in hospitals and community groups on a weekly basis.
  8. Australian National University Medical School: ANUMS is a graduate medical school, and admissions are based on GPA and GAMSAT scores. It offers a MChD; a four-year graduate entry-degree, where students discover the fundamentals of medicine and healthcare in Australia. It offers several science degrees that position students tackle health problems on national and global levels. The programs focus on disciplines ranging from medical education, biomedical science, population health, psychology, social science and public policy, to genetics, immunology, nutrition, physiology, microbiology, biochemistry and anatomy.
  9. Flinders University: Located in Adelaide, South Australia, Flinders was the first Australian university to develop a four-year graduate entry medical program, similar to the US, as an alternative to traditional 5- to 6-year undergraduate programs. Educating future doctors and healthcare specialists, the curriculum is based on and adopted by other leading medical schools in Australia and other parts of the world. Topics cover areas such as the interaction between doctor and patient, knowledge of health and illness, health professions and society, socially responsible health practice, clinical research foundations, and advanced studies.
  10. Deakin University: Deakin, one of Australia’s top-rated universities, is a leading educator with world-class facilities committed to practical learning. All of Deakin’s medical studies allow students to spend significant time in their degree study, working alongside doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals. This enables students to receive a great deal of hands-on experience in dealing with patients.
Australian Universities to Attend

Australia is the 3rd most popular study destination for international students, following the UK and the US. It has several top-ranking universities, and their higher education is based on the British model. Whichever institution you enroll in, you can feel confident that you’ll receive superlative training in your chosen field of study. Additionally, universities feature some pioneering student facilities, and they team up with well-known research centers around the country and the world. It is a country you cannot ignore when it comes to looking for the best education out there.