10 best places to visit in Bucharest

Union of Architects of Romania bulding

Bucharest hides a lot of great places. In this article we are going to take a walk through the Romanian metropolis’ less known but beautiful places.

  1. The only building in Romania included among the strangest buildings in the world that now serves as the headquarters of the Union of Architects of Romania (UAR).
  2. Minovici Museum of Ancient Western Art. It was opened in April 1947 and built in Tudor style.
  3. Storck Art Museum. Built in 1913, it was the former home of sculptor Frederic Storck and his wife, painter Cecilia Cutescu-Storck. The main facade is decorated with ornaments in stone (belts, frames, bas-reliefs) made by Frederic Storck.
  4. Casa Melik- Theodor Pallady Museum, the oldest house in Bucharest. Dating from the second half of the eighteenth century, it is characteristic of traditional Romanian civil architecture in porch upstairs, dark windows, wooden staircase and roof with wide eaves.
  5. Thecurved glass house” is one of the most emblematic houses in Bucharest. The house has windows ordered from Vienna – the exterior convex, concave – so passersby could not see inside. For 20 years, Dr. Nicolae Paulescu lived in this house, none other than the one who discovered insulin.
  6. Cretulescu Palace is a notable architectural presence in the metropolitan landscape enriched with prominent French Renaissance eclectic style ink.
  7. The Xenofon stairways street is the most colorful street in Bucharest. It was painted by artist Eva Radu in the project “Bucharest-scale” and its steps are decorated with the most important buildings in Bucharest: Parliament Palace, the Romanian Athenaeum, the Arc de Triomphe, Carol Park Mausoleum, National Art Museum Romanian Peasant Museum, National Theatre and National Opera.
  8. Manuc’s Inn is the best preserved of Bucharest’s old inns. It was built around 1808 to shelter travelling merchants. The inn is also one of Bucharest’s historical building.
  9. Nicholas Church, was originally built in 1905. It’s a unique blend of art nouveau and Russian Orthodox architecture.
  10. Pantelimon Art Tower, brings art closer to people and  promotes the Pantelimon area of Bucharest just as it is.  the perspective of Bucharest you get from the viewing platform is far more representative of this city than what you will see from any of the tall buildings closer to the city centre. The blocks, the factories, the traffic: these are what an eastern European city like Bucharest is all about.Also visit – 

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