10 Essential Products for New Dog Owners

Essential Products for New Dog Owners

Bringing a new dog to the family is pretty exciting. It provides an opportunity to bond with the dog, which will be loyal to you through its life.

It is an exciting endeavor, so you should strive to make life comfortable for her. This comes down to getting major things the dog will need to have a good time. 

This article will recommend ten essential products every dog owner should strive to get for their dog:

1. Leash

Your dog will need to go for a walk once in a while. You need a leash to control him, making it compulsory for every dog owner.

In addition, don’t forget that you also need to train your dog to use a leash. It should be light, strong, and be around 5 feet long. Leash comes in different materials like leather, nylon, or cotton. 

Ensure the leash is comfortable and not too unpleasant for the dog. Consider a retractable dog for extra freedom for your dog. 

2. Dog Bed

Your dog also needs a comfortable place to lay its head at night. Ensure the bed fits its crate, and it can relax inside it. Your dog needs this to feel secure and rest. Ensure it is large enough for the dog to sleep. 

You can consider getting a removable or washable one. Let puppies who like to chew mature a little before getting a bed.

3. Toys

Toys are essential for your dog. Besides occupying their time, toys can help build good behavior in dogs. It also helps discourage lousy behavior and solidify the bond between you two. 

  • Fetch toys: a way to have fun and exercise simultaneously. You can go to the park, or if your yard is large enough, you are good.
  • Puzzle toys: You can get them hours of mental stimulation with this. Puzzle toys can help deal with anxiety separation anxiety in dogs.
  • Chew toys: if you got a puppy, you need chew toys. Puppies love exploring the world around them with their mouth, so this toy will help limit what they can destroy.

4. Clothing Material

Your dog will need a sweater or jacket for people in areas that experience chilling winter. You don’t want your dog to be freezing as it is unhealthy. Consider the best large dog coats to keep him comfortable. 

There are cool coats for people in a warm atmosphere as well. These are cooling vests made of a unique fabric that can retain moisture. As a result, it ensures they are comfortable for long.

Essential Products for New Dog Owners

5. Food and Water Bowl

Ensure to get two strong bowls that can withstand chewing – one for water and the other for food. Avoid ceramic as they are simply aesthetically pleasing and tend to break. Consider something strong like stainless steel or plastic. 

They might likely chew on plastic bowls, so ensure it is strong. Also, plastic might harbor bacteria, so clean it regularly. 

6. Dog Shampoo

Your dog needs a couple of baths every month, except they played dirty or swam in contaminated water. You can give them a thorough bath with dog shampoo and a dog brush.

Dog shampoo is essential for people that deal with annoying dog pests like fleas and lies. Ensure to towel dry them after each bath to prevent them from making a mess of your floor. 

7. Toothpaste and Toothbrush

Dental hygiene is also essential for your dog. You should not neglect it as it could trigger a series of mouth diseases in dogs. As a result, they regularly brush their teeth to avoid these. 

You will get specific toothpaste and toothbrushes suited for dogs. Ideally, brushing them once a week is recommended. Ensure to be patient with her as the probability of leaking the toothpaste is high.

8. Dog Collar

You need a collar suited for the dog’s species, age, and energy level. Puppies grow up pretty fast, so ensure it fits perfectly. 

Collars should be comfortable with a bit of tendency to choke them. Two of your fingers need to fit under the collar. 

9. Pet Ear Cleaner

Cleaning your dog’s ear is pretty essential. Their floppy ears are often a target for parasites like mites which triggers the buildup of the ear wax. The result of this most of the time is foul odor and other health problems. 

There are natural ear cleaners that can mask any foul smell. Such a solution comes majorly in the liquid form, so you can quickly put a few drops in the ear. 

10. Comb

You also need a good comb to keep your dog in good condition, especially dog breeds with long and hairy coats. After working on their coat with a slick brush, a good comb will help you finish the dressing. 

Dog comb comes in various types and applies to dogs of different sizes.  You can easily detect any place with dead hair or trouble spots with good combs. When combing, ideally, you should move from the skin to the tip of their hair. 

Ensure you get a flea comb if you have a problem with ticks, fleas, and other parasites. These are special combs that can help get rid of this parasite.


These ten items can get you started if you want essentials to make your dog comfortable. It will help ensure you have a good time taking care of your dog.