10 Night Clubs and pubs in Canberra

Night Clubs in Canberra

Canberra is not just the “bush capital”. It has a thriving nightlife too, with stylish lounges, wine bars, beer gardens, nightclubs, pubs, etc. Enjoy the following nightclubs and pubs while you are in Canberra!

1. Mooseheads Pub and Nightclub in Canberra

Spread across four floors, namely The Basement, a great Canberra Nightclub, Top Level and Pub, Mooseheads is sure to give you a night of your expectations, be it a good dance, a good feed, crave-satisfying drinks, or just catch-up time with friends!

For more information on this nightclub please visit https://www.outincanberra.com.au/venue/mooseheadsbarandnightclub/

2. Fiction Club

Situated in the heart of the city, this multi-purpose entertainment venue hosts concerts, club nights, exhibitions, theatre, live art, and innovative performances.  

3. Mr. Wolf – 10 Night Clubs in Canberra. This is a must-go place.

The very talented resident group of DJs and a stellar bar make Mr Wolf a must-try venue while you are in the nation’s capital.

For more information on this nightclub please visit: https://www.mrwolfclub.com.au/

4. Treehouse

Bar, nightclub, and restaurant, all in one, with live music and a livelier calendar of events, the Treehouse is the perfect outlet for you if you are in the mood for a dance, drink, or chill-out night.

For more information on this nightclub please visit: https://www.treehousebar.com.au/

5. Knightsbridge Penthouse

Quirky weekend parties and an impressive drinks menu define Knightsbridge Penthouse.  Be it late-night chill-out or disco-driven adventure, the team behind entertainment at the venue are the veterans who know a thing or two in the trade, and funk and hip-hop are their specialties.

6. The Basement Canberra

What more can take off your stress at the end of the day, other than appealing live music with your favourite drink in hand? The Basement Canberra is reputed for bringing a wide variety of musical styles and local, national, and international artists to you, at Canberra.

For more information on this nightclub please visit https://www.thebasementcanberra.com.au/

7. Belconnen Labor Club Canberra

The Belconnen Labour Club provides first-class entertainment for members and their guests in Canberra! TABCORP facilities, Keno, sports channels, modern gaming machines, bonus gaming machine links, pool tables, weekly bingo sessions as well as seniors specialties such as seniors card meal discounts, monthly Devonshire teas, monthly variety days, etc. are its special features.

For more information on this nightclub please visit http://www.laborclub.com.au/belconnen-labor-club/

8. 88mph AKA 80s heaven

The 80s brought back as an underground bar! The 80s night haven has donned itself in menus encased in VHS boxes, bright lights, reflective surfaces, light floors, karaoke rooms, pinball machines, and the original Street Fighter arcade game to satisfy your 80s nostalgia obsession. 

For more information on this nightclub please visit: https://88mph.bar/bookings/

9. Ainslie Football Club Canberra

Meals, drinks, poker machines, entertainment and internet access, pool tables, and sporting action on huge screens are some features of this exclusive Canberra football club.

For more information on this nightclub please visit: http://www.ainsliegroup.com.au/venues/ainslie-football-club/

10. Smith’s Alternative

Music, poetry, comedy, burlesque, theatre, literary events, cabaret, vaudeville, performance art, dance, and such are developed presented and appreciated at Smith’s Alternative. Savories, vegan platters, sweets, Espresso coffee, teas, and a full range of spirits, liquors, and inspirational cocktails are the house specials.  

For more information on this nightclub please visit: https://www.smithsalternative.com/

The experience 

A nightclub is the perfect spot for anyone who wants to have a blast and enjoy some delicious drinks in a super energetic dance mood. You won’t want to miss out on this experience. Now that you’ve curated an amazing list of the best nightclubs in town, it’s time to unleash your inner party animal and start embarking on an unforgettable journey of exploration.

In conclusion

Canberra’s nightlife scene features a variety of nightclubs and pubs catering to different tastes. The Temple provides a vibrant atmosphere with energetic music and dancing. For a relaxed vibe, check out the Hippo Co, known for its cozy setting and great drinks. Canberra’s Club and Casino offers a high-energy environment with gaming and entertainment options. If you’re in the mood for live music, The Phoenix is a popular spot. These venues offer diverse experiences for a fun and memorable night out in Canberra.


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