10 Reasons Nursing in Australia Will Accelerate Your Career

Nursing Jobs in Melbourne

Moving down under to work as a nurse is becoming more and more popular amongst Brits and it’s not difficult to see why; with its sunny climate, notoriously laidback lifestyle and great rates of pay, Australia is an attractive destination. Thinking of making the move yourself but need a bit more convincing? Nursing in Australia is a great way to kick start your career and here’s why…

1. Nurses are high in demand

According to 2014 data, it’s expected that Australia will have a significant shortfall of nurses in the next 10 years, with 85,000 less than will be required by 2025. The country is looking to recruit as many nurses from overseas as possible, meaning there will be countless opportunities open to you.

2. Job security

As a result of the high demand for nurses, a consequence of an ageing population, there is a stability to the role of a nurse. This is particularly attractive where many other industries can no longer provide such stability and are generally on the decline. One good example is nursing home care or Assisted Living, as the population of adults is getting higher while professional healthcare is in need. Thus, that’s why some people are seeking help at Avista Senior Living to give their loved ones quality care.

3. Opportunities to progress

Nursing is a diverse profession, with many different roles and branches. Within each of these branches is the opportunity to progress with experience. For example, on the clinical side of things, you may begin your career as a Assistants in Nursing (AINs) with the opportunity to progress through the roles of an Enrolled Nurse and Registered nurse, all the way up to a Nurse Practitioner. You can even enroll in an RN to NP program if that’s something you’re interested in.

4. Work in excellent conditions

With all major health employers having modern facilities and state of the art equipment, and Australia having some of the highest standards of nursing in the world, your job will be made a lot more rewarding.

5. You’ll learn a wide range of skills

Nursing training will equip you with all the skills you need to tackle the role, from in depth health and social science to technology and theory. Training will also allow you to specialise for a particular role which you may be interested in, such as working in ER or as a midwife. You’ll also develop your interpersonal and communication skills, essential when working with patients.

6. Eligibility for Employer Sponsored Permanent Residency after 2-3 years

Nursing is one of the roles on the Skilled Occupation list, meaning you may be eligible for permanent residency after completing a period of work in Oz. This is ideal if you’ve fallen in love with the country and don’t want to leave, as a standard working holiday visa will only allow you to remain in the country for 12 months.

7. Be at the forefront of medical science

With world class technology and teaching facilities, you can be sure you will be right at the forefront of the medical world when coming to train and nurse in Australia. Qualifications from Australian universities are highly regarded worldwide, meaning you won’t have any difficult securing a job if you decide to return to the UK.

8. Enjoy all the same benefits as a professional Australian nurse

If you decide to emigrate to work as a nurse, you’ll be given all the same benefits as an Australian nurse, including annual leave, superannuation and Government Medical Insurance, covering 80-100% of Medical costs.

9. Employer funded retirement programme

Employers are obligated by law to pay 9% of your gross salary into a retirement fund which will be available for your retirement at the age of 65. A nurse’s salary is on average $60,000, meaning the fund will amount to around $5,400/year, particularly attractive when planning for the future.

10. Work around the country

With the shortage of nurses effecting all of Australia, you will be at liberty to decide where you want to be based. Whether it’s the buzzing cities of Melbourne and Sydney or the more remote areas of the vast country, you’re sure to find a working environment to suit you.

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