10 Tips for Travelling to Sydney

Tips for Travelling to Sydney

The city of Sydney provides you a laid back feeling. It is one of the most exciting cities in Australia and it is no exaggeration in saying that it is an all-in-one city comprising of galleries, museums, shopping streets and many more. 

If you are planning to visit this beautiful city, here are some of our unbeaten tips that will ensure you enjoy a hassle-free stay: 

1 Check for the best season for traveling to Sydney

Ideally, the time from October to March is considered as the best season for traveling to Sydney as the weather is quite pleasant during these months. This also implies that the airfares and accommodation costs would be very high. If you are one of those who plan the trips on the spot and are on a budget, you might opt for the winter season that is from June to August. 

2 Planning should be done beforehand

Planning is always recommended for every trip, especially when you are visiting a city like Sydney. The hotel costs would be very expensive for an on the spot booking. Hence, you should plan the trip so that you can avail good discounts. If possible, try to book connecting flights that allows a halt for a day or two. By doing this, you might be able to explore other cities within your budget. 

3 Mobile network coverage & Credit cards

Check whether your mobile service provider is present in Sydney and what are the international roaming charges. Else you need to arrange for an alternative sim card. Also, ensure you have a credit card handy when traveling to a foreign country. There are times when the credit card gets frozen and the network is unavailable in other countries. The currency used in Sydney is Australian Dollars. You may find many moneychangers there, especially in the tourist areas. For purchasing anything from small stores and for traveling through public transport, one needs to have some liquid cash, though. 

4 Use public transport

The best public transport in Sydney is Ferry and it is widely acclaimed. Being low-priced and quick, it is best to travel by ferry as this gives you the fun of harbor view. Other transport mediums like buses and trains are more prone to delay and there is a high possibility that their services gets suspended due to bad weather or slowed down by traffic. 

5 Refrain from paying tips

Don’t pay tips when in Sydney. Yes, you read it right. People have a habit of tipping at restaurants, bars and even to the taxi drivers as this is the predominant culture in many countries.

But the minimum wage in Sydney is quite high and is very satisfactory for the people there; hence they don’t feel the need to tip. Hence, tips are not at all customary there and not even expected. 

6 Early to open and early to close is the policy

The sun rises early in the city, hence, you will find cafes open by 7am in the morning. It is good for tourists who plans to spend the rest of the day for sightseeing. While this is a good culture but there is a downside, as well. The cafes open early but also close early. You need to take a walk on the streets to find an open restaurant if you are coming after 9:30 PM. 

The above rule also applies to shops and bars. Most of the shops get closed by 5 PM and the rest by 7 PM. When talking about bars, there might be some pubs and bars that are open even after 10:30. But for visiting these places late, one needs to travel away from the city. Also, there are times when carrying the luggage at every place becomes tiresome. In such a case, mindmybag comes to your rescue where you can keep your luggage safely and collect when you are done. 

7 Sunscreen is a must in Sydney

All the places in Sydney like parks, beaches, and even the streets are a pleasure to the eyes and soul and it is popularly known as the city for sun-seekers, but the intensity of the sun rays is quite high. The ozone layer in Australia is gradually getting depleted by 6 to 9 percent. Hence, if the days appear very bright or the sky appears cloudy, it is recommended to carry a sunscreen no matter how good the day appears. This will save the skin from getting tanned. 

8 Check the regulations

It is but obvious for anyone to shop when in a new city. But when talking about Sydney, there are some things to take care of. There are some rules and regulations associated with the handicrafts of Sydney that needs to be followed. Hence, whenever you opt to buy any of the handicrafts, ensure that you have all the relevant documentation handy. 

9 Opt for a mobile internet plan

The Internet is one of the most essential requirements, especially when traveling in a foreign country. Though Sydney offers Wi-Fi to its visitors at all public places like gardens, stations, cafes, etc., but the issue here is that the Wi-Fi is limited to such places only. Hence, ensure that the hotel you are planning to stay at provides access to Wi-Fi and you have a mobile internet plan to rely on in alternative situations. 

10 Look before you smoke

Most of the countries are trying to be ‘smoking-free’ in public places. Sydney is one of them. Hence, make sure that you don’t smoke at any of the no-smoking zones. Smoking is not permitted in places serving food and also in playgrounds, sporting areas, public transports like buses and trains, public recreation areas, etc. Therefore, be on the lookout for a smoking zone, if you are a regular smoker. 

Travelling becomes all the more fun if you are well-prepared. Follow the above mentioned tips to make yourself fully aware before your trip to Sydney. If you are unwell at any point during the trip, don’t forget to ask a doctor online, to keep yourself steady.