10 Wedding Entertainment Ideas You And Your Guests Will Love

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

A wedding allows you to celebrate your love with your family and friends. Thus, you should make the occasion elegant and memorable. The best way to achieve this is by paying keen attention to entertainment. You need to include vocal and instrumental music, performance, and all the other fun-filled activities, so your guests won’t get bored and give excuses to leave early because the entertainment is bland.  

The ideas are numerous; select the ones guests will treasure. With that in mind, below are ten wedding entertainment ideas you and your guests will love:

1. Live Music

Music is typically the lifeline of entertainment, and you wouldn’t want your wedding to miss it. Thus, hiring a band is one great idea for your wedding day. They can play classic or modern songs and even perform at the guests’ request, keeping them hooked throughout the ceremony. Ensure you share your preferred playlist with the band in good time to allow them to practice enough. 

2. Games And Activities

Since you need your guests to be happy, you should include fun games and activities they can play. Some of the games are:

  • Shoe Game: It’s one of the most exciting games at a wedding reception because of how it’s played. It involves how well you and your spouse know each other. Place two chairs back-to-back for the bride and groom. Once seated, they’ll answer simple questions like ‘Who’s more romantic?’ or ‘Who’s the better kisser?’ The bride and groom raise the shoe of the one they think fits the question.  

It can make your guests laugh, especially when someone gets wrong answers. Guests can even join the game. 

  • Bouncy Castle: To include the kids in the games and activities, you can set up a bouncy castle where younger and older kids can enjoy it. The older guests can also play in a bouncy castle.

Besides these two games, you may want to try ring toss, spin the wheel, lawn bowling, photo scavenger hunt, or freeze dance. Take your time to select the ones that’ll fit your wedding venue.

3. Performers And Entertainers

You can invite incredible performers and entertainers to wow your guests at the wedding. You can hire a few, depending on your budget. Below are some entertainers you can call to your wedding:

  • Magicians: Their illusionary tricks can wow the guests in attendance.   
  • Fire performance: Fire performers can entertain the guests at sunset if you have a beach or outdoor reception by flashing lights or spinning fireballs. But speak to the receptionist before you hire fire performers because they may have strict rules on having open fires on their property.  
  • Comedians: Comedy enables every guest to laugh and enjoy jokes, especially when the comedian is making entertainable jokes aligning with the wedding theme. 
  • Aerialist: Spice up your reception by having your guest watch an aerialist performer. They’re primarily acrobats who perform from above, which can add surprise and classiness to your wedding. Your guests can watch them while waiting for their cocktails from the bar.  
  • Wedding DJs: It’s a fun way of getting everyone to the dance floor. So, choose the right DJ who knows the suitable mixes for everyone in attendance.

Performers and entertainers can make time pass quickly because your guests will be fully immersed in the acts for several hours. So, even with a tight budget, look for a performer to add elegance to your wedding.


4. Champagne Servers And Cocktail Mixers

Drinks are one of the first things your guests will look for when they get to the reception. So, you can have servers trying out new serving methods giving your guests a unique experience that doesn’t involve walking around with trays.  

Guests can get beverages or wipers from ladies wearing strolling champagne dresses or putting on napkin dresses. It can mesmerize the guest at your party while adding classiness to your wedding. Alternatively, you can have a cocktail mixer who can make the guests any mix they want.   

5. Live Drawing

Guests can appreciate it when they feel the performance is centered on them. So, you may want to have live drawings by a caricaturist. When guests leave, they’ll have a souvenir to remember the wedding. 

6. Ice Cream Stall And Hot Chocolate Bar

You can have your guests enjoy an ice cream treat, especially in the afternoon if it’s warmer. Ensure there are different flavors offered so that everyone gets the one they prefer. While at it, consider the number of guests you’ve invited so that everyone gets the ice cream. Or if the occasion runs until late evening, the guests can have a treat of a hot chocolate drink.

7. S’mores Station

You can allow guests to mingle with other guests by roasting s’mores over the fire pit. It can stir exciting conversations and have the guest stay overnight. Ensure you provide your guests with roasting sticks and marshmallows.

8. Karaoke

Karaoke is another fun-filled activity you might not want to miss on your wedding day. It’ll allow your guests to let loose at the wedding by singing their favorite songs. This activity can make your evening session fun and relaxed.

9. Photo Booth

Taking pictures is fun, and guests can’t miss indulging in them. So, ensure the photobooth section is available during your wedding day. You can rent a photo booth service to set up in the reception, perfect for taking photos of the new people they’ve met or those they’ve not seen for some time.

10. Fireworks

Mind-Blowing fireworks displays can give your guests an incredible view late in the evening. Or you can have little fireworks held by your guest or arranged at the reception entrance.


There are numerous entertainment ideas you can have for your wedding. So, take your time and discuss with your spouse to select the ones you’d most like to have that’ll leave your guest thinking about your wedding forever.