19&YOU shares “BORED!”

19&YOU shares




Meet 19&YOU. This is the story of boy meets girl, boy pursues girl to Sydney, and then boy unexpectedly makes new friends and creates a band instead of chasing love. Noah Taylor (executive producer) was love-struck when he followed a girl around the world. He ended up crashing at a friend’s place in Australia, where he subsequently came across Cameron Graves (vocals), Jackson Leitch (guitar), and Liam Wallis (drums). An instant camaraderie took flight and the four guys started a band within days. In the following months via virtual sessions, the newly formed group completed their first batch of songs in one week. For the band, ‘19’ represents an age in life between adolescence and adulthood that’s full of transformative moments. Following their move to Los Angeles in June 2020, 19&YOU is gearing up for a 2021 breakthrough.

Today, 19&YOU shares their new single “BORED!,” an up-tempo anthem nestled in a renewed indie-pop soundscape. Underneath their charming pop exterior is a four-piece band demonstrating a gritty fervor through catchy hooks, slick guitar licks, and the all-too-relatable lyrics associated with the modern dating scene. The band’s impassioned lyricism is fueled by the reservations of love and the beauty found in brief, intimate moments often overlooked in today’s digital age.

Noah Taylor of 19&YOU shares this of their new single:

“This was a song that we really didn’t have an end goal in mind when we started. There wasn’t any reference or inspiration for it other than knowing we wanted a track that had a consistent guitar line throughout. Once we found that, the rest of the song fell into place pretty organically. It was one of those songs that started from a space of vulnerability and turned into just us having fun. There weren’t any rules of what we could or couldn’t do, as long as it felt good we added it to the song. To a certain extent the song is satire, it’s so over the top sassy, and none of us are that way in real life. But I think the hyperbole of it all is what makes it so engaging.”

In fall 2020, 19&YOU released their debut single RUNNIN’ and it was featured on Spotify’s soda playlist. All music and visuals are created by the band. 19&YOU is planning to release their self-titled debut EP in the spring.