A Girl, A Guy, A Bear And A Lot of Travel

Vox Adventures
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A few weeks ago we were surfing the awe-inspiring #travel on instagram when a little bear caught our eye. He wasn’t just any ordinary bear, but a very well travelled bear.

This bear had been to some of the most amazing places on earth, so we dug a little deeper to see if we might be able to interview Vox the bear. However his friends Joan and Esther said he wasn’t one to speak to the riff raff and declined to comment, so they answered some questions about his travels on behalf of Catalonia’s answer to Paddington.

Name: Joan, Esther & Vox (Instagram: vox_adventure)
Current Location: Solsona – Catalunya – Europe
Occupation: Travel around the world wherever possible 😉



What’s your bear’s name? Vox.

How old is he? He’s eleven years old.

Where’s the best place you’ve taken your bear to this year? The best place he has visited this year is Angkor in Cambodia. It’s really spectacular!

Where’s the best cold place your bear has ever been to? He has travelled to different cold places, but perhaps the best one would be in Germany where he could see the Neuschwanstein Castle surrounded by snow. Do you know that this castle served as inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle and appears in the logo of Walt Disney Pictures?

Luang Prabang, Laos

Where’s the best beach your bear has laid on? He laid on and enjoyed a beautiful beach in a remote place of Argentina: Bahía Bustamante. It’s like a small paradise waiting to be discovered. But beaches are only one of its attractions. You also can see a lot of animals (penguins, guanacos, choiques…), discover a petrified forest and much more! We recommend it!

Where’s the most dangerous place your bear has been to? One of the most dangerous situations he has lived was in the coast of New Zealand near a sea lion… VERY NEAR!!! When we took the photo we were a little bit afraid; the sea lion seemed to sleep but it could wake up at any time. Fortunately Vox is very silent and didn’t disturb it.


A place you and your bear yet to discover: We would like to discover a lot of more places, but one on the list is Australia! We hope to visit very soon!!