2017 Changes to Working Holiday Visa News

Australian Working Holiday

2017 Australian Working Holiday Visa News

Come January 2017, new changes will be applied to Working Holiday Visas for Australia, all of which bring good news to visa holders and new visa applicants. The changes have been made with a view to promoting tourism in Australia.

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New Changes to the Australian Working Holiday Visa

• Applicants for both Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417 and 462, with an income less than $37,000, will be taxed at a lower rate of 19%.
• The age of visa eligibility has been extended from 31 to 35.
• Fees for both the Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417 and 462 applications will be reduced from $440 to $390.

This gives applicants/backpackers a saving of $50 per application.

• 95% of departing backpackers’ superannuation will be withheld by the Australian government for applicants of both 416 and 462.
• Passenger movement charge will be increased to 5%, which will be used to fund certain initiatives in support for the tourism industry in Australia.
• Additional surcharges, such as credit card surcharges, will be waived to improve the visitor experience.

For workers on a Working Holiday Visa to enjoy these changes, they must choose an employer who is registered with the ATO for the purpose of employing foreigners on a Subclass 417 visa. If they do, their workers will be taxed at a reduced rate instead of the previous 32.5%.

Anyone interested in applying for the Working Holiday Visa is advised to check the employer public register for information on whether or not an employer is registered with the ATO (Australian Tax Office).

With these changes, the number of applicants for Working Holiday Visas is sure to increase, after all who doesn’t want to work in Australia for longer?

If you’ve already completed your first years Australia working holiday you may now be looking for skilled sponsorship, 457 Visa Sponsorship or if you’re not sure, it could be a good idea to speak with a MARA approved migration agent about your Australian visa options, such as General Skilled Migration.

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