3 Casino Trends That Faded Away And 3 That Are Still Popular

Here, we will be taking a look at three casino trends that have gradually faded away into obscurity over the years, and are no longer popular trends, to three casino trends that are still popular and relevant today.

A look back at yesteryear compared to today

Gone are the days of walking into a smoke-cloud-filled room, thanks to the ban on smoking indoors in almost every country in the world at casinos and other venues where lots of people gather.

On the other hand, the trend of playing classic casino table & card games, such as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat, is still going strong today. Here is a closer look at some of the most popular trends that are still common at casinos in 2022 to the trends that are no longer with us.

Casino trends that are still popular today

Now, let’s take a quick look at some of the casino trends that are still popular and relevant and land-based casinos around the world today in 2022. They include the following:

  • Classic games are here to stay. It looks as though the classic games are here to stay. When people flock to casinos today, quite often, the first games they head to if they don’t make a beeline for the slots are the iconic table & card and card games, such as Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat. Also, the odds have largely remained unchanged. For example, when you ask the question, ‘blackjack vs poker, which game has better odds?’ You will see that blackjack still has slightly better odds of winning, just like it always has.
  • Superstitions. Superstitions are also still strong at casinos today. If you notice that someone is doing something slightly out of the ordinary, perhaps holding a four-leaf clover in a certain hand or blowing the dice so many times before they throw them, it’s most likely a superstitious thing. Perhaps don’t ask why they do it and just assume that it’s superstition. People can still get angry or annoyed with you if you ruin their mojo – something that has always been the case.
  • Don’t ever tell people how to play. One of the other things that also has remained the same over the years is to NEVER tell people how to play their hand or give advice on what they should do. It has always annoyed people, and it always will annoy people. Just let people play their game, just as you would like to be left alone when you’re playing. You don’t have to be rude when telling people you don’t want their advice. Instead, just politely decline and perhaps move to a different part of the casino.

Popular casino trends that have faded away

Now, let’s take a quick look at some of the most traditional casino trends that have predominantly faded away from casinos around the world. They include the following:

  • Smoke-free casinos. Back in the day, people were able to light up a cigarette or cigar and puff away as much as they liked during their time at a casino. There were very few casinos that didn’t allow you to smoke, which is completely the opposite of today. In 2022, it’s almost impossible to find a land-based casino in most parts of the world that allows you to smoke, which is a great thing. If they do allow customers to smoke, it’s generally in a certain designated area, and it’s usually outdoors under a rain-covered area. If you could travel back in time to, say, the 1960s and walk into a casino, it would probably smell terrible, and you would be coughing within the first few minutes of entering the building.
  • Dress-code has relaxed. Traditionally, people who would visit a casino would dress in their smartest clothes to feel proud of themselves, impress others, and make a statement. In fact, if you look back to the 60s and beyond, almost everyone seemed to dress smartly, no matter what the occasion. While there are still strict dress codes at some land-based casinos, some casino operators are more laid back, which means that you sometimes see what is deemed as scruffy-looking walking around. Today, it seems as though fewer people make an effort when getting dressed, wearing jeans or tracksuit bottoms and trainers or sandals, or even work clothes – something that you would never have done at casinos in days gone by.
  • Tipping staff and manners. Again, people do still tip the staff. However, people don’t seem to be as generous as they were at casinos several decades ago. People who visited casinos would also be polite and courteous and would often tip well, even after relatively small wins, but today, some people seem to have an air of arrogance and entitlement, and that innocent era of being courteous, polite, well-mannered, and generous with the tips seem to be all but lost on the younger generation of casino players. Some younger casino players, even when they win big, rarely tip at all.