3 Major Benefits of a Solar Panel Install

3 Major Benefits of a Solar Panel Install

Are you considering a solar panel install?

Solar energy is making its way through the US economy like a bullet train! In fact, in 2021 SEIA found out that there was enough capacity in solar to power 21.8 million homes in America.

SEIA also says that the Build Back Better Act may bring about a 31% increase in solar deployment in the next 5 years from their December 2021 article. So, you might be thinking what’s the big deal? Why is solar becoming so popular?

Well, in this quick post, we’ll outline 3 major benefits of going solar. Once you’ve read this, you’ll realize why solar is the next big thing for American Homeowners.

Massive Reduction In Energy Bills

One of the main reasons people are going solar is that they can cut their energy bills by massive amounts. Anyone who has solar panels on their home will be able to take care of most of their energy needs during the day. Then at night, you can revert the grid.

However, if you were to also invest in a solar battery, you might get away with using the grid hardly at all, or even never. This is because your solar battery will provide you with stored up energy for the evening.

It’s No-Brainer Investment

Another strong case for installing solar panels is that they pay for themselves. Yes, you do have to pay an upfront cost for the initial solar install. However, since you save so much on bills, you’ll be paying your panels off with the money you save in no time.

Furthermore, solar panels add value to your home! Just think, when someone comes to look at your home, it will be appealing to think they can have free energy right when they move in.

And what’s better for them is, they don’t have to pay the initial investment and go through the installation as you did. Yet, your previous efforts to adopt solar power will be rewarded when it comes to selling. You’re likely to gain a lot more cash-wise than you put in at the start.

The Tax Incentives Right now Are Great

Many people don’t realize that if you choose to add solar panels to your home now, you can get a pretty hefty tax credit from the Federal government. You just have to ensure that the solar panels power your home, and nothing else.

So how much tax credit can you qualify for? Well, if you get in fast for 2022 you can claim a whopping 26% tax credit. If you are a little late to the game and decide to get panels in 2023, then you’re looking at a 22% tax credit.

If all this sounds good, here you can get more info about solar

Get Your Solar Panel Install

it makes complete sense to go ahead and commit to a solar panel install as soon as possible. Once you’re up and running, you’ll be shocked to see how low your future energy bills are. And you can be proud you are contributing to the possibility of a greener future.

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