4 Bad Habits that too Many Gamers Have

Bad Habits that too Many Gamers Have

Gaming is supposed to be about having fun, and for most gamers, it is. However, there are some times when gaming can start interfering with your life. In other cases, your health or relationships can start getting affected. And in others, some may start retreating in their virtual world and neglect real-life responsibilities. Gaming has to be healthy but to make corrections, you first have to notice unhealthy patterns. Here are some of the most common bad habits so many gamers have.

Staying Up too Late

This is a sin the majority of gamers are guilty of. We’ve all gone way past our bedtimes because we were too into the game. Some may even pull all-nighters. While this can be okay once in a blue moon, neglecting your sleep for video games will start creeping on you and affect your health. 

The tip here is to turn off not only the game, but all screens at least two hours before your intended bedtime. This will give your body the time needed to get into ‘sleep mode’ and ensure you get a good night’s sleep and that you fall asleep faster.

Sticking to One Type of Play Only

Some may like games with individual quests, others may like MOBAs, and some might stick to online FPS arena games. Maybe you should try to mix things up and try something new. 

If you’re used to playing alone, then cooperative games could help you break out of your shell and bring a cooperative aspect. You might even find out that you’re great at coordinating teams and a good strategic leader. If you’re more into competitive games, try solitary adventure games to cool down from time to time and get into a contemplative state.

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Only Playing PC or Console Games

People also tend to be way too loyal to one format over the other. Console players think PC gaming is geeky and rigid, and PC players think console gaming is just an inferior experience. The truth is that both options have their pros and cons. By only playing games through one medium, you are cheating yourself out of some gems. Also, there are some types of games that simply play better on a PC or a console. 

Sports games, for instance, are usually great for console and controller gaming. FPS games, on the other hand, take a whole new dimension when played with a mouse and keyboard. So, be open, and see what the other side has to offer.

Trash Talking

Some people simply get too involved in video games. There are very few cases where you should get physically mad when playing a game, and getting beat should definitely not be one of them. Trash talking can be done playfully, but name-calling and raging are no-nos.

If you’re a gamer and committing any of these, make sure that you correct these habits right away. These take away from your experience, and your general wellbeing as well.