4 Essentials For Your Summer Wardrobe In 2020/2021

Essentials For Your Summer Wardrobe In 2020/2021

Regulations like keeping a towel’s length apart on the beach, dining outdoors at a safe distance, and the use of flags on beaches to indicate safe spots to stop at, are just a few regulations being effected in Sydney as the summer season starts to approach. Rules may be plentiful, but one thing they do indicate is that it is possible to make the most of the outdoors life, to meet and mingle to some extent, and enjoy excellent alfresco seafood meals to relax after a hard day’s work. If you are a fashion lover who always likes to look on point, regardless of whether you are attending a casual or elegant soiree, make sure to shop for the following four essentials.

Crop Tops And Bikinis

Everyone from Chiara Ferragni to Rihanna have been seen wearing cute blingy crop tops that are cut to reveal just a little of the lower portion of the breast. These tops, paired with high-cut, wide-legged jeans and boots, make for a cute urban day or party outfit. At the pool, bikini fitting rules have changed as well. In the past, advice was often given on the importance of a bikini covering the whole breast. These days, both high tops (revealing the lower portion of the breast), as well as XS triangle bikinis that reveal a little flesh both above and below the breast, are seen as often on Instagram as they are on the Big Four Fashion Catwalks.

Ultra-High-Rise Shorts

Sporty shorts, the kind you can wear either at the gym or on the boardwalk, will be seen this year in bright hues like pink, orange and turquoise. The key to wearing this pair of shorts stylishly is to ensure the waist covers your belly button. Pair it with a crop top that has unique designs, such as oval and other geometric shapes cut into the fabric, so a little more skin is visible.

Straight-Legged Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are a cute transition between trendy and elegant clothing, since they can easily be dressed up or down depending on your choice of shoes and accessories. For a cute everyday look, opt for a straight, short jumpsuit that leaves a couple of inches above your ankle visible. Add an urban touch to your look through chunky, low-cut boots. If the jumpsuit has a lowish V-neck, jazz the décolletage area up with stacked necklaces varying in width from fine and dainty to thick and chain-like.

Side Cutout Dresses

As mentioned, showing a bit of extra skin where it is not expected is a big trend, and arguably the dominant one this summer. For instance, we will be seeing dresses that look a bit like a bikini connected to a skirt through a triangle shape that points upwards at the middle of the ‘bikini’ and gets wider to form a skirt, sometimes reaching ankle-length. The effect is to leave both sides of the waist bare, which adds a flirty, summery touch to an otherwise traditional, country-inspired design.

Cut-outs are arguably the dominant trend of Summer 2020/2021. From sexy bikinis to free-waisted dresses, designs will be promoting the development of nouvelle tans that prize geometric shapes on the skin. Of course, if you prefer your tan to be completely even, wear a bathing suit or bodysuit beneath any areas of cut-out fabric. Provided you use color blocking to pair up different items, the effect should be just as surprising and youthful.