4 Facts on Office Maintenance You Need to Know

Facts on Office Maintenance You Need to Know

Running an office is about more than just turning on the power every morning. You need to make sure the office environment is safe, everything is in working order, and everyone in the office is feeling happy and comfortable at work. Many things fall under the umbrella of office maintenance. So, whether you’re running an office for the first time or simply looking to brush up on your office management skills, read on to find out 4 facts about office maintenance we believe you need to know.

What Is Office Maintenance?

There are many layers to office maintenance. From cleaning to managing electricals, to decorations and fixtures. At the end of the day, you need to make sure the working environment is safe, comfortable, and in proper working order. Working in a poor office environment leads to less productivity, worse morale at work, and more conflict. After all, we all work better in a comfortable and happy environment. So, we’ve written this handy guide on what we believe to be the four most important aspects of office maintenance. 

1. Keep it Clean!

It’s almost too obvious to say but we think we need to mention it anyway, proper cleaning is paramount. We had a chat with Kevin, an office cleaning specialist from southerncrosscleaning.com who said, “Having a clean and healthy office is a major cornerstone when it comes to running a successful business.” We couldn’t agree more. For one, an office that is not clean could lead to sickness within your staff. People sharing dirty office kitchens or never-cleaned equipment can lead to a massive spread of bacteria. So, if you don’t want all your staff going off sick, you need to keep the place clean. Also, cleanliness and organization within the office make people feel more comfortable in the workplace, leading to higher productivity and better morale in the office. If your company doesn’t have its own cleaning team, hire an outside company to clean for you. Many services offer great deals on long-term cleaning plans for your commercial space, so reach out to a local cleaning company today.

2. Look After Furniture

There are all kinds of furniture in your typical office. Desks, office chairs, and sofas are some of the most common. You need to ensure regularly used pieces of furniture – like office chairs – are maintained properly. Without keeping them in check, your staff could end up complaining of bad backs or necks. Plus, feeling uncomfortable at work would almost certainly lead to most people getting up from their desk more often or taking extra-long breaks. Comfortable, sturdy office furniture helps with mood and productivity. If your office furniture is looking a little shaky or dated, consider upgrading to modern ergonomic office furniture. A small investment here could lead to a much more productive workforce.

3. Get The Light Right

Lighting within an office is highly important. Proper lighting helps boost engagement and energy, while poor lighting breeds tiredness and boredom. If you can, allow as much natural light into your office as possible. We say this because sunlight helps the brain produce serotonin which boosts mood. Also, natural sunlight helps with feeling awake and keeping our brains in the proper circadian rhythm, meaningless tiredness in the afternoon. If you can’t allow natural light in, we recommend using LEDs as opposed to classic strip lighting. LEDs are adjustable, more natural, and cost up to 90% less than traditional filament bulbs. They are a long term investment in both reduced energy bills and increased employee output.

Facts on Office Maintenance You Need to Know

4. Bring the Outdoors Inside

We have already mentioned how sunlight can be a huge tool in your office maintenance arsenal. We should also mention that fresh air is just as important. Having a proper ventilation system in place is vital when trying to create a great office environment. Keep windows open for fresh air – nothing beats fresh air! If you can’t open the windows, ensure your ventilation or air conditioning system is of the highest caliber and is regularly maintained by proper technicians. A bonus tip for bringing the outdoors inside and creating a healthy environment is to bring some plants into your office. Plants have been shown to improve employee productivity by up to 15%. Make sure you have a schedule for watering the plants, though. A dead plant is worth nothing to productivity! 

With these four tips, you should be able to keep your office maintained and create a perfect working environment. Keeping your office well lit, well maintained, and well ventilated will make your staff happy and your productivity shoot up.