4 Modern Touches For Your Store That Will Help You Stand Out

Modern Touches For Your Store That Will Help You Stand Out

Humans are generally highly visual creatures with their eyes automatically going to unique and modern touches that they see in stores. This happens from the second they enter the store to the moment they exit it. If you want to keep people repeatedly visiting your store, you should make sure your shop is visually appealing and has a competitive edge achieved through utilizing stylish and new techniques. Here are the 4 modern touches for your store that will help you stand out from all the other shops on your sidewalk.

1. Having a Signature Soundtrack and Scent

The first way you can give your store a modern, unique touch is to employ the technique of having a signature soundtrack and scent. Many stores nowadays use this tactic as playing the right music soundtrack can enhance your buyers’ shopping experiences and reinforce your brand identity. You should think about not only the type of music being played but also the volume, the vibe it gives off and whether it reflects the mood in your store well. Scent can also be used to embody shop identity and create a specific emotional reaction from those in your store. Scent marketing has been proven to be very efficient, as smells can influence buyers’ moods and therefore make or break a sale. Consider how you want your customers to feel in your store when picking your signature scent. You get bonus points if you actually sell that fragrance too. 

2. Effectively Employing In-Store Social Media Tactics 

In this day and age, practically no one can live without logging into their Facebook or Instagram accounts. It’s not surprising that taking advantage of social media in your store can give it a modern touch that helps you stand out from the crowd. Setting up an in-store social media stand where customers can take pictures of themselves with a sign or a backdrop relating to your brand can make your store seem very unique and trendy. You can then post these selfies, either on your social media pages or printed out on a wall in the store. Make sure to create a hashtag for your shop and perhaps offer a discount for those who offer to post their pictures and tag your store and hashtag. You could also invite “influencers” to the store and have them try out your products, take pictures with them and then post them on the wall to encourage others to do so. Additionally, in-store retail events such as product launch parties, workshops and classes can build a sense of community and generate more revenue. 

3. Opting for Stylish and Professional Uniforms 

Giving your team a stylish and professional uniform to wear can give your store a classy and modern touch. Beauty Therapists at Spring Spa Wear recommend equipping your entire team with uniforms that are not only stylish but comfortable, as comfort is vital to providing great customer service. The uniforms can compliment your store colors and theme and make sure customers always know who to approach if the need arises to ask about something. An alternative for full-blown uniforms could be matching sleek and fashionable shirts or aprons for the team to don. Gone are the days of boring uniforms, you can now find many great uniform designs on the market for your employees to wear.

Modern Touches For Your Store That Will Help You Stand Out

4. Using Bigger and Bolder Retail Displays: 

Finally, it often takes a big, bold gesture to retain the attention of people in your store. If it’s a good fit for you, you could consider incorporating large, daring design elements into your retail displays. Lifesize elements and catchy colors can help get people focused on displays in your store and have them remembering them for days after they leave. A preferred practice in the retail industry is placing new items near the entrance of the store as they are the items that are typically most eye-catching to shoppers. Furthermore, your displays should always have a focal point. You should update stands regularly as the ideas can go stale quickly, keeping in line with seasonal themes and also trends relating to popular interests. Another interesting idea is to have your displays tell some sort of story, as this can engage your customers. 

When trying to get your store to stand out, you should typically avoid using human directionals and putting out old sale merchandise on the sidewalk in front of your shop. These tactics can make you seem desperate and old fashioned. Instead, you should opt for adopting a great retail experience through modern touches like signature scents and sounds, in-store social media tactics, giving your employees a professional and friendly demeanor and using memorable retail displays. Adding catchy and up to date touches that are distinct to your store is critical for customer attraction and retention.