4 Things a Great Chiropractor Can Do for Your Spine

Things a Great Chiropractor Can Do for Your Spine

More than 540 million people in the world have spinal problems. The problems arise after doing strenuous activity, after an accident, sports injury, and so on. And when the back hurts, it becomes almost impossible to carry on with your daily activities, considering that the spine supports the entire body. Though saddening, the good news is that you can manage your back pain irrespective of your age. You only need to visit a reputable chiropractor in your state and schedule an appointment. 

Chiropractors care for all people with neck and spinal problems. They apply different chiropractic adjustments to relax the muscles and remove the strictness. If you have never seen a chiropractor before, then it is advisable to schedule a visit today to relieve the pain. Here are the top four things which the experts may do to your spine.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the primary treatment that chiropractors offer to their patients in Arlington, VA. The chiropractor uses their hands to manipulate the body muscles, remove the muscle strictness, and enhance blood circulation in the body. When you have a spinal problem, the local chiropractor in Arlington, VA, does not massage the spine alone. Instead, they stimulate all the back parts, including the neck, the shoulders, and the hips. Mostly, the massage is done with bare hands as the patient lies on a table. However, the massage can sometimes be simulated with electrical machines when the hands would not leave the expected results. Here are the main types of massage:

  • Swedish massage- refers to the basic type of massage which the people sensitive to touch receive. It is very gentle on the body.
  • Deep tissue massage- This massage is great for accident victims. It involves in-depth kneading of the back muscles to relieve the pain and relax the body.
  • Hot stone massage- as the name implies, this massage involves the use of hot stone to knead the spine. At times, the chiropractor may use a cold stone too.
  • Pregnancy massage – this massage is ideal for pregnant people. The growing belly exerts pressure on the lower hips and the backbone, and thus, this massage relieves that pain.

The ideal massage that the chiropractor will recommend depends on your current health status. This means that they must examine you before they initiate the process.

Spinal Mobilization and Manipulation

The chiropractor uses their hands to manipulate the spine. For instance, if the backbone is broken, they will use their hands to reposition it. Besides the repositioning, the manipulation can alleviate the pain and enhance your mobility. 

  • Spinal mobilization- it involves the use of slow and gentle thrusts to reduce pain
  • Spinal stimulation- it uses the high velocity and low amplitude technique 

These two techniques provide a temporary solution to spinal pain. Therefore, they are ideal for pregnant women or injured sportspeople. Also, the chiropractor must confirm the current health status of your body before initiating the process.

Things a Great Chiropractor Can Do for Your Spine

Relaxation Techniques

A great chiropractor can guide you in a relaxation technique if your back is stiff and painful. When you are sick, or you survived an accident, you can become stressed or suffer trauma. You may even suffer anxiety, depression, and other emotional effects that disrupt your everyday life. During that time, you might not get the relief you want by just watching a TV throughout the day, and that’s how the need for chiropractic care comes in.

The chiropractor helps you to understand several relaxation techniques, which include deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation. The chiropractor also guides you to have a positive meditation and visualization to help you relieve the stress associated with your injury. At the end of the session, you should feel relaxed and pain relieved.

Yoga and Exercise

Did you know yoga and exercise can relieve your back pains? Yoga, for instance, involves different types of movement as well as deep breathing. If your neck and lower back parts are stiff, the chiropractor enrolls you for yoga sessions if it’s okay with your health. Besides yoga, the chiropractor can recommend different types of exercise. Since you are sick, the movements involved are simple. These exercises can include jogging, walking, one leg standing, or stretching. The regular exercise keeps you physically fit, alleviates stress, and helps minimize your back pains.

The benefits of chiropractic care cannot be underestimated. From massage to exercise, chiropractors conduct many practices to help you regain your health. So don’t suffer in silence; if you have a spinal issue or you feel stressed, visit a reputable chiropractor near you for help. Ensure that the chiropractor is experienced, friendly, and affordable.