4 Ways to Use Your Bandana on Your Hiking Trip

Ways to Use Your Bandana on Your Hiking Trip

Bandanas are one of those trusty, universal pieces of gear you could put to multiple use, when you are in the wilderness. They are simple, yet effective and versatile. So, let us think out of the box and get creative.

Seek Protection from the Sun with a Bandana

Sun protection is important when you are braving the great outdoors. You can use your bandana to cover the back of your neck. Simply drape it over your head in a way that covers the back of your neck. Put your hat or cap on to keep the bandana in place. Failing that, use another bandana to hold the neck cover in place. If the day is exceptionally hot, wet your bandana before you drape it around your neck.

Filter Water with a Bandana

If you find yourself in a pinch, without your pre-filter for your water purifier, drape your bandana over the mouth of your bottle and proceed to fill it up. The bandana will strain out most of the particles that might otherwise clog your purifier. However, your bandana cannot do a purifier’s work for you. But, it will strain visible floaters.

Use Your Bandana as a First Aid Tool

A bandana is a handy tool, if you get a wound or a cut from clambering on a rocky surface. You could use it to apply pressure, to make a split or simply cover a bandage. You could even tie two bandanas together to make a temporary sling.

Make a Trail with a Bandana

Hiking in the backcountry usually calls you to make a trail. You could use your bandana to mark a re-entry point to the bushes whenever you hike above the tree-line. You could also tie your bandana to a tree or bush as a marker. You can craft a makeshift flag with a bandana (and a stick, of course) as well.

In addition to being a nifty tool, bandanas can help you make a style statement. You can choose your signature style bandana from our wide range of over 250 awesome bandanas designs. If you wish to add your logo to your bandana, visit our customs page.