5 Apps to Help Time Fly in the Airport

airport apps

Between security lines, crowded lounges and busy shops, spending time in the airport can swiftly become an exhausting, anxiety-inducing experience. That is, of course, unless you are prepared and equipped with an arsenal of apps that are sure to make travelling easier and more enjoyable than ever.

To ensure your next journey goes smoothly, we’ve compiled a list of 5 apps that you should store on your phone for your next trip:

airport lounge


There was a time before the creation of apps when only elite passengers could enter airport lounges to relax and wait in style. Now, by using LoungeBuddy you can quickly search for airport lounges, read reviews, look through photographs and if you like what you see you can book a day pass. This app is particularly useful for travellers who are faced with lengthy layovers or delays.

mFortune Slot Games

Many airports now offer their customers free Wi-Fi whilst they wait for their flights, so if you’ve got some time to kill you may want to consider downloading some of mFortune’s gaming apps. Not only does mFortune offer traditional casino games like roulette and poker, they have also created numerous slots apps you can download and play. Plus, since mFortune has mobile slots no deposit bonus offers you can play your first few games for free.

TripIt Pro

If you have a large party flying with you or you travel frequently, TripIt Pro is an absolute essential. Instead of having to rummage through your baggage for tickets or endlessly scroll through your emails for confirmation details, TripIt Pro stores them all in one place. In addition to keeping you organised, this app will also keep you updated on any gate changes, flight delays or other unexpected developments so you are prepared for almost any changes.


One of the most complicated and frustrating aspects of travelling is switching mobile networks or working out a deal with your current provider to ensure you are not charged too much for phone calls. Thankfully, KnowRoaming has been developed specifically to ensure you never have this problem again as it links you to local mobile carriers, meaning that you only pay local rates. All you have to do is attach a tiny sticker sent to you by KnowRoaming to your SIM card and you’ll never need to worry about calling overseas or using WhatsApp whilst waiting for your flight again.

Google Translate

There are now a number of translation apps available on both iOS and Android phones, but few have managed to surpass the original Google Translate app. Not only can you use this app to improve your own linguistic skills, it’s also great for translating words on the fly. Plus, you can speak or type a word or phrase into your smartphone, but also even use the camera to translate signs, menus and plenty of other written words you may not understand.

With these apps safely stored on your mobile you are bound to have the most enjoyable airport experience of your life, with no worries and no last-minute surprises.