5 Best Hikes In Canada That Will Take Your Breath Away

Best Hikes In Canada That Will Take Your Breath Away

Travelers worldwide like to explore the wonders of Canada and its majestic landscapes. The region is home to some breathtaking mountains and lush-green terrains. Also, chilly weather makes your travel experience even more enjoyable and convenient. However, if your goal is to explore the natural aesthetics, you must head straight to the hikes that the country offers. 

From the serene trails that lead to Banff national park to the bewildering West Coast Trail, you must traverse through the multiple hikes. Make sure to plan well and prepare the itinerary before leaving your home.

1. West Coast Trail, British Columbia

Here’s one of the best trails that you can cover up in the Island region of Vancouver. West Coast Trail is a 75-kilometer long trail that has much more to offer than any other hike. From the sandy beaches across the ocean to the dangerous passages over fallen logs, you are likely to experience it all. The hike takes you through the spectacular caves and boulders on the way. Not to forget, the mesmerizing nights by the beach shore with the glistening stars take your breath away. 

Some majestic sites on your way to the destination are Tsusiat Falls, the Pacific coast, and Carmanah lighthouse. Along with this, the beautiful rock patterns at Owen Point are a sight to behold. Make sure to take your gaiters and ensure a safe journey to the beautiful landscapes on the hike. 

2. Mount Logan, Yukon 

Another hike that is ideal for experienced adventurers and stretches across 13 miles is Mount Logan in Yukon. The trail offers breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and serene landscapes. Also, it is located near the region Grant in Colorado and covers up a good portion of the St. Elias Mountain. Due to the snow-capped terrains, the hike is a ski mountaineering expedition. Therefore, you need to be good at skiing for longer durations to cover up the thrilling hike. On your way, you are likely to encounter polar animals and camping sites. 

Before starting the hike, you must gather the hiking essentials to beat the cold weather. The best time to embark upon the hike is between May to August due to the suitable weather conditions. Also, you need some training for the hike as it offers endless snow-covered terrains and a low temperature. 

3. Skyline Trail, Nova Scotia

Best Hikes In Canada That Will Take Your Breath Away

Are you looking out for a diverse hike that offers multiple biodiversities and different kinds of vegetation? If yes, then the Skyline Trail in Nova Scotia is the ideal hike to traverse through. It comes under Cape Breton’s Highlands National Park with bewildering sea cliffs, beautiful marshlands, and lush green hills. Also, the hike is relatively short and covers up around 6 to 8 kilometers based on the route you take. While walking through the terrains, you encounter beautiful bald eagles, whales, as well as moose hovering around. In addition, it offers majestic views of the sunset and serene vegetation to explore. 

Before heading out, you need to plan the journey and carry the hiking equipment. You are likely to cross paths like headland cliffs, rugged loops, and boardwalks with multiple steps. Hence, prior preparation is essential to cover up the terrain with comfort and in high spirits. 

4. Grizzly Lake Trail, Yukon

If you’re searching for a trail that offers much more than rugged terrains and greenery, then the Grizzly Lake Trail, Yukon, is the ideal option. The trail offers a chance to camp by the lakeside and experience nature at its best. Also, it covers up a good 11-kilometers long trail and might require you to camp for a night. On the way towards the lake, you get to explore some alpine meadows and beautiful tundra vegetation. Some popular sites that you get to see are Dracula castle and some jagged hilltops. Also, travelers like to go fishing or bird-watching near the lake due to the rich biodiversity. 

You must put on your gaiters and hiking boots as the trail might get a bit difficult towards the end. However, once you reach the lakeside, try star-gazing or bonfire activities to make the experience an unforgettable one. The trail is a must for all lovers of mountains and hiking voyages.

5. Fundy Footpath, New Brunswick

Best Hikes In Canada That Will Take Your Breath Away

Travelers often like to embark upon a challenging hike that offers serene views and an experience worth remembering. One such hike, i.e., the Fundy Footpath, takes you through an elevation of more than 2,500 meters. Also, it takes around four days to complete and is filled with beach walks. You are likely to pass through majestic waterfalls and river crossings that evoke an adrenaline-rush with. But, be mindful of the tides and try to wear proper hiking gear to avoid them. The view at the top is worth all the hard work and troubles you face during the climb. 

The Takeaway

For all the hikers out there, every hike comes with new experiences, serene landscapes, and a greater fund of information. You can satiate your love for mountains and experience the best hiking excursions through the Canadian hikes. Also, the region is home to multiple hiking trails, suitable for both beginners and experienced trekkers. You might consider the Skyline Trail, Grizzly Lake Trail, and the West Coast Trail for a fun-packed experience. Other than this, the Mount Logan hike is suitable for skiing enthusiasts and lovers of snow. No matter which hike you choose, make sure to gear up and carry the hiking essentials along.