5 Essential Tips That Will Help You Always Buy The Right Yoga Clothes

Buy The Right Yoga Clothes

Yoga can be a great relaxing exercise. Not only does it encourage physical activity, but it also adds a dash of spirituality to it. With yoga, your body becomes more flexible and stays in tip-top shape. However, before you get too excited and go to your yoga class in jeans, keep in mind that your clothes play a big role in helping you stay comfortable. 

So, if you have recently taken up yoga and want to buy suitable clothes, but do not know what to look for, check the next few tips.

1. Understand Your Needs

Many new yogis think they can just throw on a pair of jeans and a cotton T-shirt; however, this cannot be further from the truth. You need a complete set of suitable clothes to start your yoga journey. Yet, you do not have to spend a lot of money on your yoga attire because you can find most of those items in your wardrobe. As a general rule of thumb, you need some sort of bottoms like yoga pants or shorts, a form-hugging top that will not budge when you perform complicated poses, an outer layer like a jacket to stay warm after class, and a good bra that offers support if you are a woman. Fortunately, you can perform yoga barefoot, so you do not have to worry about finding suitable footwear.

2. Choose Breathable Material

Although yoga might seem like a relaxing afternoon activity, it actually requires much physical effort and concentration. Thus, you will find yourself sweating a lot. This is why you need to find clothes that are made of breathable materials. Moisture-wicking clothes are all the rage for yogis, as they can keep you dry and odor-free. Also, do not forget about your underwear, as it needs to be breathable as well, so the tips on this website can be a good place to start. Generally, though, you need to find a pair made of a material that allows you to move without restrictions and does not cause irritation or infections. Moreover, opt for clothes that have cutouts, and steer away from cotton because it can make you overheat.

3. Get the Right Fit

Buy The Right Yoga Clothes

Yoga involves manipulating your body into various complex positions, so your clothes have to be up to the task. So, steer away from baggy clothes, and go for form-fitting ones because they will not roll up or expose your body when you perform upside-down poses. That does not mean you should buy clothes that are too tight, as these can cut your circulation and make it harder to move. Get pants that are made of spandex because it can stretch. For men, look for yoga shorts that have built-in liners, as they will feel comfortable when you are bending or stretching. On the other hand, women shorts are a risky option since they do not stay in place and may expose your body during practice. The same applies to tops; choose ones that hug your frame or even get a sports bra and ditch tops all together!

4. Select the Colors and Designs

Now that you know the items and materials you should look for; it is now time to personalize your clothes. You can choose any color you like, but vibrant colors like green, orange, yellow, and neon pink are best because they are energy-inducing, making you more cheerful and ready for your yoga class. In addition, there is a wide selection of prints and designs available. So, if you are a fan of crazy designs, go for geometric shapes and animal prints because they add a fun vibe to your outfit. Alternatively, if you want a more basic look, go for solid colors, but make sure to incorporate more than one color to complement your yoga wear.

5. Consider Yoga Socks

As mentioned before, you can totally perform yoga poses barefoot, but there is a more convenient option available on the market: yoga socks! They are a must if you have sweaty feet, as they can absorb the excess moisture and keep your feet dry. Moreover, some rock anti-slip soles to help you stay stable and hit those difficult yoga poses. You may slip and fall a lot as an aspiring yogi, so these socks will help you nail those complex poses and prevent injuries.

As a new yogi, you might be excited to jump head first and to wear the first thing you can find in your wardrobe. However, you need special clothes, so always look for flexible, breathable clothes that do not cause friction or irritation, and choose colorful, fun yoga wear. Do not forget to get socks to avoid slipping and falling. Once you get the right outfit, you will enjoy yoga even more.