5 Miami Travel Tips To Save Time And Money

Florida is one of the most awesome tourist destinations for every travel junkie. It consists of its metropolitan area with its well-known beaches and great places to explore. Nowadays, there are some ways to enjoy your visit to Miami and save some time and money too. Listed below are a few tips on how to save time and money while traveling in Miami


Parking rates are one of the issues that you may encounter, especially in the airport area. You should check available parking at Ft Lauderdale airport since FLL Airport is famous for travelers headed to the Carribean due to its close proximity. It is a guarantee that there will be numerous people looking for a parking space in the area. You may check online beforehand to ensure that the parking rates may not have changed or to reserve your parking space. You can also check for online promos such as social media discounts, holiday promotions, or even hotel plus parking packages.

Visiting during off-peak season

You can also opt to travel to Miami during the off-season period or shoulder season. Although, Miami can be visited year-round but do note that it will be crowded during January and even March and April during Spring Break. Airlines will mostly offer tickets at a lower price, especially during the off-season and may also include accommodations. What you save on your flight tickets can then be used to enjoy other Miami attractions too.

Free and Affordable Activities

There are also free activities available in Miami. You can visit the best Miami beaches in the South Beach area that boasts of clear waters, pleasant sand, and soft waves. The Key Biscayne Area and the Crandon Park are also other water areas where you can swim, although there may be a $5 parking fee if you will be arriving in your car. You can also visit the Wynwood Art District that has amazing street art along a few blocks, called Wynwood Art Walls and Doors. Other free activities can also include the Calle 8 Latin Festival, which is heavily celebrated with music, street food, and drinks to go while enjoying Latin American songs being played by bands on the main stage.

Car Rental and Traffic

You may also want to avoid availing a car rental service since there are also traffic jams in Miami plus you may find some drivers that may annoy you too. Instead, just use your running shoes or walking shoes, whichever you prefer, then walk. Check out the place you are staying at and if it is near South Beach, you can do a little cardio exercise going to it. If walking is not one of your habits, you may want to try “Ubering” or using the Uber application, which is cheaper than regular cabs.

People walking

Food and Beverage

To save money, you can have packed food and do BYOB of you will be going to the beach. Just use masking containers to cover your set-up so it will not be obvious to others and you should not bring any glass bottles which can also cause some accidents. You may even eat before doing some activities as some restaurants are expensive, especially those near famous attractions. Eat heavy breakfast and lunch at the place you are staying at and just go for an afternoon coffee or eat a light dinner. Also, look for those hidden culinary spots in the city that offer sumptuous food at affordable prices. Bring your water bottle and feel free to refill it with the numerous water bottle ​refill station in town.

Miami travel can be fun and affordable. Leave your car at accessible and secure parking locations to avoid traffic jams and try walking to your destination or just get an Uber ride. Look for affordable and even free activities such as open shops and beaches. Dine at affordable places and hidden culinary spots in the area and bring your water bottle to save money on beverages and to save the environment as well.