5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Waterpark Tickets for Your Family

Waterpark Tickets

A day at a waterpark is something children will enjoy and remember for years.

With the different pools, slides and other attractions, your children are sure to have fun every minute of their stay at the waterpark.

The various waterpark attractions ensure everyone enjoys their visit to it regardless of their age.

However, buying tickets for your day at an aquapark can pose a challenge, particularly if you have a large family. The whole getaway can be expensive since you have to purchase several tickets.

The good news is you and your family can go on your dream waterpark getaway by avoiding a few mistakes that can cause you to go over your budget and experience hassles.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Purchasing Waterpark Tickets

When you’re buying waterpark tickets for your family, avoid these mistakes to cut your overall expenses and get more from your getaway:

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1. Not checking for group rates.

Most theme parks offer packages or discounts for groups, including families.

If you want to save money on your waterpark tickets, avoid purchasing them without checking your destination’s website to see if they offer group or family discounted rates or deals.

Doing so ensures you buy everyone’s tickets at a lower cost regardless of how many you are in your family.

However, if you have toddlers or young children, check the waterpark’s FAQs to see if younger kids are allowed free entry before purchasing any tickets.

Doing so can help you save more money and avoid the hassles of requesting refunds if you buy your little ones’ tickets, but do not need them to enter the aquapark.

2. Not looking for group combination packages.

Aside from group deals or rates, try looking for group or family packages as well, particularly if visiting a waterpark is part of your vacation itinerary.

Many waterparks offer packages that include entry tickets and accommodation.

With your accommodation included in the package, you and your family can stay at an on-site hotel or one that’s nearby.

These packages allow you to save more money since your tickets and accommodation come at packaged rates. Moreover, you and your family might even get the chance to visit other theme parks at discounted fees.

You can usually find details about these packages on the waterpark’s website. These parks typically post their deals and promos on their social media pages or accounts as well.

As such, don’t make the mistake of not checking their site and social media channels to look for these deals.

3. Failing to look for other ways to save money on tickets.

There are other money-saving methods and tricks you can follow to reduce your expenses for purchasing tickets and visiting a waterpark.

Not taking the time to study these can cause you to go over your budget for your aquapark getaway.

First, find out if you can get discounted rates when you pay using a credit card. For instance, co-branded credit cards might reward you with a cash back when you purchase tickets online and in advance.

You may also get discounts when you use the partner credit card for dining at and buying souvenirs from the on-site restaurants and shops.

You might even get discounts on venues for a ladies’ night in Abu Dhabi if you’re having your vacation in this city and you and your female companions want to unwind and have fun.

Additionally, some waterparks allow guests to use their frequent flyer miles to pay for the tickets.

If the aquapark offers this deal, has a tie-up with your credit card and you have plenty of unused miles, consider using them when buying your tickets.

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4. Not buying your tickets in advance.

Although you can buy tickets for the waterpark on the day of your visit, you won’t enjoy most of the mentioned perks if you don’t purchase them online and in advance.

Because of this, don’t make the mistake of purchasing your tickets at the park itself, especially if you have the means to buy them online and before your planned visit.

Buying your tickets weeks or days before your aquapark getaway also lets you and your family skip the queues at the ticket booths, which can sometimes get long and slow.

And this will allow you and your family to spend more time going on the different water rides, slides and attractions.

5. Ignoring the benefits of visiting a waterpark during off-peak season.

Lastly, if you are still planning your aquapark visit or vacation months in advance, consider pushing through with your getaway during the off-peak season.

Many amusement parks charge higher ticket prices during summer and holidays when they receive more guests. When you avoid these days, you can get better rates.

Most waterparks are open year-round, which means you can visit them during fall and spring when they are less likely to attract visitors.

Aside from the lower rates, you have a smaller crowd to contend with, allowing you and your family to have more fun at the waterpark.

By avoiding these mistakes when you purchase your waterpark tickets for your family, you can save money and avoid hassles.

You can also spend more time and money on making your waterpark getaway fun and memorable for your family.