5 Must-Have Features Of The Perfect Beach Accommodation

Must-Have Features Of The Perfect Beach Accommodation

Whatever destination it is you’re off to, you’re sure to find a whole range of beach accommodations to choose from. These can fall from cheaper options, to luxury, pricier beach accommodations. Whatever you end up booking, however, the best beach accommodation isn’t about the price you’re paying for. Rather, it’s about the features and amenities that the accommodation has, which you feel completes your entire stay. When seeking the perfect beach accommodation, considering Hyatt Vacations Club resorts can offer an array of must-have features for an unforgettable beachside experience.

When your whole point of going to a beach resort is to relax, then the features of the Railay beach accommodation, or any vacation place for that matter, you’re planning to book should all lead towards that goal. The whole accommodation should be the sum of all its parts. This means focusing on the overall experience that the beach accommodation is able to give you.

So, what are these must-have features that a beach accommodation has to have for it to be classified as ‘perfect’?  Here’s a list:

1. Well-Trained Staff

A beach accommodation will never give you that relaxing feel you’re after if the staff isn’t amicable and friendly.

Even if the resort may not be a five-star accommodation, the service of the staff should be five-star. Right from the moment you arrive, the staff should greet you with so much warmth. If you’ve got any concern or question, then they should also be patient enough to have these addressed. Otherwise, you’re better off staying in another accommodation instead. You wouldn’t want unpleasant staff to be the reason why your holiday will become such a horrible experience.

2. Great Views

What’s a beach accommodation without the great views?  Everywhere you look, the views should be spectacular. The landscape, pristine and well done; the shoreline, clean. If the space itself looks messy and unkempt, then the accommodation isn’t going to be worth it.

While not every beach accommodation can offer that five-star view, it should, at least, give you that peaceful and serene atmosphere of being by the sea. Just think about the calming ocean waves and a peaceful surrounding to wake up to the next morning.

3. Great Room Designs

The room design and condition itself should be superior—nothing less. Surely, you wouldn’t want to sleep in a room where the bed looks dusty and undermaintained, or that the mattress itself doesn’t scream comfort.

Think of fluffy pillows, a comfortable and clean mattress, and a minimalist but lavish interior. If the room doesn’t look like one that’ll give you a good night’s sleep, then chances are it’s not worth spending on at all.

The size of the room or accommodation, however, is subjective. Generally, you’ll want to account for the size in relation with the group you’re traveling with. The more people you have or the bigger your family size, then, naturally, the room has to be bigger as well. Even if you’re on a budget, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to cram yourself in a very small space, which doesn’t contribute at all to a good night’s sleep.

4. Resort App

In keeping with today’s digital age, it’s also a plus if the resort has its own app.

For instance, when you walk into the room, you’re provided with your own tablet or calling device. Through the app, and right from the comforts of your room, with a few clicks, you can call for room service or a massage. If you’re by the seashore and the concierge is quite a long walk away, you can order for extra towels through the app.

An app is a convenient tool for guests to have a great time in a beach accommodation.

5. Dining Options

For beach resorts, dining options should be made available at their own restaurants. If you’re booking a beach apartment or home, for instance, then the food is on you. But, this doesn’t mean that all beach rental apartments or beach houses don’t have food options. Some of the best hosts go as far as having a list of food delivery options you can call, so you won’t even have to leave your beach apartment or house just to eat. This is an added element of comfort for you to enjoy.


When the beach accommodation has the features enumerated above, it means they’re able to lead their guests towards a pleasant stay. The resort is able to anticipate the guests’ needs before these even arise. The moment you walk into your chosen accommodation, you should immediately feel relaxed and feel that it’s the holiday you’ve long been waiting to have. No matter the kind of accommodation you end up with, make sure that it ticks all the boxes!