5 Must See Attractions In Western Australia


Western Australia hosts some of the most widely famous attractions in the world. There is no way an individual could fit all of its wanders inside of a single article which is testament to just how amazing this place really is. This is why so many travellers have been jumping on the coaches of Integrity Coach Lines Hop on Hop Off service from Perth and Broome so that they can grasp the chance to see more the fascinating aspects of the West Coast of Australia.

Wheather you are road tripping or on Perth to Broome Adventure Tours. Here are 5 must see attractions

The Pinnacles

Just 2 hours north of Perth is the fantastic chance to witness one of Australia’s most peculiar oddities, the amazing Pinnacles in Nambung National Park have been baffling travellers for many years. The Pinnacles are a naturally formed limestone formations, seemingly growing from underneath the ground they can reach up to 4 metres high. These fascinating rock formations were formed from sea shells over thousands of years and makes for a great sceptical to visit


Kalbarri is a humble resort town at the mouth of the Murchison River, about a day’s journey north from Perth city. This incredibly pleasant town offers the chance to fish, snorkel, hike and what has even become traditionally fun is feeding wild pelicans that come to the main beach to grab a bite from the locals.

Just a half an hour drive away is Kalbarri National Park where there are endless tours to choose from with opportunities to abseil down rocky gorges, kayak and hike through the stunning rocky terrain.

Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia has become a bucket list attraction and thousands visit its pristine shores every year. This stunning reserve is 25 km northeast of the town of Denham in the Shark Bay Marine Park and is most iconic for the chance to feed dolphins!

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a communally small resort town resting on the coast of the Ningaloo Reef. Although Coral Bay may seem on approach, nothing more than a nice place to rest, but beyond first impressions, it actually has the highly accessible reef only a few metres swim from the beach and the vast option of tour guides who have left travellers absolutely stunned by the beauty of the Ningaloo Reef.

Karijini National Park

Neighbouring Tom Price is potentially one of the most astonishing landscapes in the world which is known as Karijini National Park. This exceptionally beautiful place is widely famous for its rock formations; gorges created over millions of years and naturally formed pools to swim in. Karijini endlessly leaves travellers awestruck and is an absolute must see.

Whether you are travelling down the coast from Broome or up from Perth, Western Australia is a fascinating sceptical which is why so many travellers choose companies like Integrity Coach Lines Hop On Hop Off service to get around.

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