5 Reasons Australians Should Make The Switch To Solar

Reasons Australians Should Make The Switch To Solar

Australia is one of the sunniest places on earth, making solar power a very appropriate energy source for the people who live there.  In fact, the continent of Australia has the highest solar radiation per square meter in the world. 

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your mark on the planet, take the time to read a little about some of the reasons switching to solar could benefit you.  Here is a quick breakdown. 

Solar power will save you money

The clear winner for reasons you should switch to solar power is the money you will save in the long run.  You’ll spend a little money getting everything up and running, but the solar setup will pay for itself quicker than you might imagine.  

The way solar energy prices are calculated, you will pay an average of 60-70 cents less per watts of power produced.  Those kinds of savings add up real fast as time passes.  For an average home in Brisbane, the savings is estimated to be about $3,000 per year.  

The cost of installation has fallen 

When solar first hit the market, the price of switching to solar power was unimaginable for most homeowners.  Over the past decade, prices have shifted dramatically.  Solar installation is extremely reasonable in most places, and there are times when installation is incentivised or even free for homeowners.  

Think about it this way.  A solar system for a home is said to last for about 25 years.  In as few as four years, your unit will be paid off.  That means you’ll get up to 21 years of free electricity and do your part to contribute to helping save the planet.  

You have greater energy independence

When you live off of solar power and not the central energy grid, you afford yourself a certain independence.  You don’t have to worry about the climb of retail electricity prices.  

You don’t have to worry about the stability of the power grid either.  Adding an energy storage bank to your solar setup will grant your household even more energy independence along the way.  

Australia has a lot of sunshine

As was mentioned previously, Australia is an extremely sunny place.  In fact, the continent gets more rays than almost anywhere else on the planet.  

Why not harness them for your energy needs?  The weather in Australia will almost never cause an issue with your solar power, especially if you have a storage bank added to the mix.  

Solar power is clean energy

Unlike Australia’s main electricity production methods, solar power doesn’t produce emissions of any kind during its production.  Solar power setups make up for their own carbon footprint in just 1-3 years, and the energy you use after that is leaving little to no imprint on the health of the planet.