5 Study Tips to Pass AP Exam

Study Tips to Pass AP Exam

AP examination is conducted in the United States in May. This examination is a measure of a student’s intelligence quotient and his or her readiness for college. The examination has a multi-choice and a free-response section. A 5-point scale system is followed to score the students. Most of the colleges offer credit for scores of 3 and higher. Colleges also take AP grades into account to decide which students to accept. Due to these reasons this examination is competitive in nature. If you are planning to gain a good AP score, then you will have to focus on studies based on proper planning. In this article, we have consolidated some study tips that will help you in cracking the AP exam. Follow these steps and succeed with flying colors. 

Start Prep Early

Starting ahead your preparations for a competitive exam helps you in completing your syllabus on time. If topics are left for the last minute, then your mind can get stressful. Moreover, cramming at the last-minute is ineffective and can spoil your examination results. If you start early, you can plan your learning sessions and be consistent in studies. Practice is very important in studies as in learning anything else. For mastering the subject, you would need an ample amount of time. Keep some time for revisiting the concepts during studying. This will increase your long-term retention capability. If you sit for studying at the last minute, you won’t even have enough time to go through the entire syllabus.  

Make a Study Schedule

Prepare a monthly plan of the topics that you would study. The plan doesn’t need to be perfect, but it should cover the major concepts that you would like to cover. To make your study schedule more effective, keep points like your optimal productivity time, sports activities, and other such engagements in mind. Putting long study hours isn’t a good idea as you will start feeling bored midway. The best thing to do is to study for short durations to improve your learning effectiveness. Moreover, define a room or a permanent place where you can concentrate and study without any disturbances like music, TV, etc. In the study plan that you create put more emphasis on concepts that you don’t know. Try not to waste spending time on the concepts that you know by heart. 

Take External Help

It’s natural that while studying you will get some doubts. Don’t feel embarrassed in reaching out to your teachers for clearing the concepts. Reaching out to teachers will reduce your research time and you will even learn new tips and tricks to solve exam questions. If you find it difficult to complete the syllabus on your own, you can hire a personal tutor for yourself. A one-on-one coaching will help you in accelerating your learning curve and your examination results will improve. 

Take Breaks

The human brain can only focus for a certain amount of time. Thus sitting and studying for hours and hours won’t help you in any way possible. Taking small breaks in between provides the necessary rest to your mind. You can take a power nap or eat healthy food during the break to replenish your energy. Continuous studying won’t be helpful if your brain can’t keep up. Thus, take breaks to take care of your mind, health and reduce stress.

Take Practice Exams

Taking practice test examinations is important to familiarize yourself with the exam format. Once you are familiar with the format, you will be able to translate all your knowledge on the examination paper. Define a day in your study plan when you will take the practice test. Clear your desk, remove disturbances, and time yourself. By doing this you will feel comfortable on the final examination day as you understand the type of questions asked. Moreover, practicing sample tests will help you in managing your time in the examination. Such sample tests are very helpful in preparing your mind for the final examination. Take help from apps like Etutorworld to discover best sample test papers for AP exams. 

Eventually, your hard work will help you in cracking the AP exam. But hard work accompanied by a planned strategy will place you in the top tier category of students. Hope some of these steps will help you in succeeding in the AP exam. We wish you good luck!