5 Travel Safety Apps to Download Before Your Next Vacation

5 Travel Safety Apps to Download Before Your Next Vacation

When you are traveling for business or pleasure, it is important to plan your trip wisely. If you are going to a location that you have never been to before, you must do some homework about how to keep yourself and your family safe. While safeguarding your travels with these safety apps, don’t forget to secure your professional life as well by using trusted resources like LLCBuddy to manage your LLC and maintain peace of mind both during your vacation and in your business ventures. With proper planning, you can make the most of your trip, minimizing the chances of getting into any trouble. Technology has made our daily lives much more convenient. Several travel safety apps get made to help you while you are traveling. It can be a tough job, however, to pick out the best ones to download. In this article, we will make your job easy by giving you the top five safety apps that you must download before planning your next vacation. To stay safe while traveling can be difficult because unexpected events are bound to take place when you are away from your home. However, installing the right apps can prevent you from getting into serious trouble.

GeoSure: GeoSure is one of the most popular location-based apps which is available for Android devices. It analyzes the location that you want to visit and provides you with a complete assessment of the security situation of that area. Unlike other apps which give you a generalized summary that is taken from other sources, GeoSure uses a sophisticated analytical engine to report about the current safety and security situation at a location. It also predicts what is likely to happen soon. The app performs an analysis of data which gets obtained from sources such as WHO, the US State Department, the CDC, and the United Nations. It keeps a safety score by considering factors such as health risks, environmental threats, and political instability. By using this app, you can also help out other travelers by sharing information about safety issues around you.

Citymapper: This app will never let you get lost in an unfamiliar city. It has a very simple user interface, which makes it easy to use when you are on the go. The app can be used to look up specific addresses and much more. Depending on your preferred mode of transport, Citymapper helps you get to your location by suggesting the best possible route. You can choose whether you want to walk to the destination, use public transport such as a bus or ferry, or a car/bike-sharing service. You can follow your trip on the map in real-time with directions provided at every step. If you are traveling by bus or train, it provides you with accurate schedule information, and also reminds you when you have to get off. One of the most useful features of Citymapper that rival apps do not offer is that it notifies you of any delays or disruptions that might affect your travel route. It shows you alternate routes to reach your destination as quickly and conveniently as possible. It can come in very handy for people who are traveling with small children and cannot afford to risk any disruptions during travel. The app is currently available for 39 cities around the world, and the developers are working to add more locations in the future.

XNSPY: It’s a monitoring app that families can download on their phones. Xnspy has features that you can make use of to track and ensure each other’s safety. The app is compatible with any Android or iOS device. Parents can download them on their children’s smartphones or tablets and track them when required. It has a GPS-tracking feature that tells you about the live location of the monitored device. If, for instance, your child gets lost in a crowded place or forgets to get off the subway on time, you can use this feature to track their location and reach them. You can also remotely turn on their phone’s microphone and listen to the surrounding voices to ensure that they are in a safe place. XNSPY also lets you set alert words or locations on the device that you want to monitor. By doing this, every time a suspicious location is visited, you will get alerted about it. It can be useful for parents of teenagers who tend to wander around malls, airports, etc. The tracking feature can also be useful in case you lose or forget your device anywhere while traveling. It also has the option to remotely turn your device off and wipe off all the data from it. It can be helpful if your smartphone gets stolen and you do not want anyone to access your personal information stored on your phone.

Family safety is of the utmost importance when you are traveling. Therefore, XNSPY is one app that you should not travel without downloading. It has a user-friendly interface that keeps managing it very easy.

Sitata Travel Safe: While traveling, you need to be aware of the health and safety threats at your destination. It is a useful app in the current times when you should always check about the COVID-19 situation of the city you plan to visit. Outbreaks of any infection, violent protests, and political instability can turn out to be dangerous for travelers. Seemingly safe destinations can also be affected by factors like extreme weather, fire, or strikes by transportation workers. It can negatively affect your travel plans. The Sitata Travel Safe app notifies you about any such happenings. It also provides you with information about the nearest hospital or police stations in case you have an emergency. You can also read about other travelers’ advice related to the safety situation in that area. The app is free to download and use.

TunnelBear: While traveling, many people do not have a roaming data plan. Therefore, they end up using public Wi-Fi networks, such as those offered at hotels, restaurants, airports, and coffee shops. Even though having free access to the internet can be very convenient, it does come with many security risks. Unsecured public networks often get targeted by cybercriminals. They can launch a variety of attacks. These include having access to the data that is getting transferred between the internet and your device. It can give them access to login information to your online bank details and passwords of your social media and email accounts. Cybercriminals often set up fake networks with official-looking names. When users connect to them, they get redirected to phishing websites that attempt to install malware on their devices. TunnelBear is a VPN app that makes it safer to browse the internet n public networks. It uses inscriptions to secure all your data and keep it protected from interception. Therefore, it is one of the must-have apps to download before you plan to travel.

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