5 VPNs to Consider and the Benefits of Getting One

VPNs to Consider and the Benefits of Getting One

With just a click of a button, you can send almost everything to anyone across the globe. The ease of sending something so easily is just one of the best perks that the internet provides us. The internet is a global computer network where you can do almost anything. It’s a virtual place where you get to sell goods for real money, play games, connect with your loved ones, order food, watch movies, etc.

But there are many threats that make the internet sound like a scary place to be, it’s usually not. With the right tools and behavior, you can safely browse the internet. Changing your passwords often, visiting safe sites and avoiding shady ones, not openly sharing personal information online, and not easily trusting someone you just met are some behaviors that will help you be safe when on the internet.

Some Benefits That a VPN Will Provide

One of these tools is a VPN. VPNs or Virtual Private Networks allow users to send and receive information across a public network by extending a private network across it. Think of a public network as a crowded bridge where everyone can see you crossing. A VPN is an invisible bridge that’s just above that crowded bridge where every piece of data, including your presence, becomes invisible.

As VPNs are like invisible, open bridges, your ISP or Internet Service Provider, hackers, police agencies, etc. will have a hard time seeing your activities. You can also use a gaming VPN to help you reduce lag and incoming ddos attacks from cheaters. 

Your ISP will also have a hard time throttling your internet speed, therefore increasing your connection online. If you look up “VPN” on Google, you’ll see a lot of them. You might have trouble choosing one. To help you with that, here are some of the best VPNs you can get today:


Known as one of the best vpn 2019, ExpressVPN is a reliable VPN provider in the British Virgin Islands. You don’t have to worry about any international laws about open data sharing. Even though these islands are part of the United Kingdom, they have their own laws that govern them. ExpressVPN has over 2000 servers in 148 locations.


  • Has access to Netflix
  • Incredibly fast
  • Has a reliable live chat customer support system
  • No data logging
  • Has a Kill switch


  • Very slow on other platforms such as Mac
  • Limited to 5 connections per account
  • No customer hotline


Another keeper on this list, FastestVPN is a reliable VPN that can give you a lot of bang for your buck. This VPN company is based in the Cayman Islands and isn’t part of any international surveillance agreements. This means that your data is more protected and isn’t subject to any international law.


  • Has a Kill Switch
  • No data logging
  • Perfect for torrenting
  • Ten connections per account
  • Unlimited Server switches
  • Very affordable as it starts at $1/month


  • Doesn’t support Netflix
  • Doesn’t support split tunneling

Windscribe VPN

With over 500 servers in at least 60 countries all over the world, Windscribe VPN is a reliable and fast VPN to consider. Based in Canada, Windscribe VPN has tons of features that will surely get you hooked using it. 

The best part of it is, you can get Windscribe VPN for free in some countries. A monthly subscription of $9 may seem a lot, but unlimited data, ad blocking, and malware protection are all worth it.


  • Your data gets encrypted twice, which means it’s harder for others to steal it.
  • You can get a free subscription of Windscribe VPN in the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, and more countries.
  • Improves download speed
  • Works well on Windows


  • Located in Canada, which makes it part of the five eyes. 
  • Keeps track of the amount of monthly data sent
  • Provides timestamps of activities done
  • Netflix only works in the United States and the United Kingdom
  • Very slow on Mac

Private Internet Access VPN

PIA or Private Internet Access VPN has over 100,000 users and doesn’t log your data. They also have over 3000 servers in 33 countries worldwide. That means a lot since you’d want to be close to a server if you’re using a VPN. Private Internet Access VPN also won’t slow down your internet when using Windows-based laptops or computers.


  • Has a strict No data logging policy
  • Works exceptionally well on Windows computers
  • Great reviews from IOS and Android users


  • In Denver. This makes it part of several international agreements such as five eyes and nine eyes. These international laws enable governments to access their citizen’s data legally.
  • Weak customer support system


Serving over 8 million people all over the world, NordVPN is one of the best VPNs you can get out there. NordVPN’s founder has a mission of creating a surveillance-free internet where everyone can freely enjoy its benefits. 


  • No Data logging policy
  • Can stream from foreign Netflix servers without a problem
  • Located in Panama which makes it safe from any international surveillance alliances


  • Doesn’t support Split tunneling
  • Doesn’t have good customer support


With the immense capabilities that the internet can provide us, it’s no secret that some people would use it for all the wrong reasons. Criminals can look up information on their victims online and use anything they can get. Sometimes, they won’t even need to see or touch you personally to do damage. All it takes is a few lines of commands, a simple click here, a few bypassed passwords, and more snooping to have everything about their client.

Nowadays, anyone can get their identity and credit card information stolen and used by someone literally by someone who’s on the other side of the world. Thankfully, tools such as VPNs help avoid those problems. The VPNs listed above are the most reliable and effective today. There are indeed many benefits to VPNs and we hope our article helps you out in making your web-browsing and internet use safer with them.