5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Fancier Despite A Tight Budget

Ways To Make Your Wedding Fancier Despite A Tight Budget

All couples hope for a fancy and beautiful wedding. After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event that you want to remember for the rest of your married life. But sometimes, the budget gets in the way of achieving your dream wedding. Fret not, though, because there are still ways you can do to make your wedding fancier despite a tight budget. 

A Fancy Wedding, But Make It Budget-Friendly 

Planning and executing a wedding can cause a huge dent in your bank account. If you have the budget for it, well and good. However, for couples who are working with a tight budget, planning can get a little tricky. So, it would help if you have a few tips and tricks that can help you cut the costs of your big day without sacrificing the fancy air and look you want for your wedding. 

Here are some of these tips and tricks you might want to try: 

1. Look For An Affordable Wedding Car For Hire 

You don’t need the most expensive wedding car to drive you to the chapel or venue. You can easily hire a chauffeured car, such as Chauffeur Sydney, if you live in the area or surrounding towns, and avail of a luxury vehicle that’ll suit your luxurious day.  

If you want to save more, you can ask for a package that includes service vehicles for your guests as well. If you get a complete package, you could ask for a discount. Book the cars early so you can anticipate the cost of all the service vehicles you need for the big day.

2. Consider An Unconventional Day For Your Wedding Date 

There are days and times of the year that are considered peak seasons because everybody seems to want to get married during those days. If you’re not very particular with dates and seasons, you can consider picking a date that would most likely save you a lot on the venue and other suppliers. 

The wedding venue is one of the costliest expenses you need to prepare for when planning a marriage. This is especially true if you want to get married in a popular and fancy place in your neighborhood. So, if you want to save on costs, why not pick an unpopular day to get married? 

Instead of going for a Saturday event, you can consider a weekday such as Tuesday or Thursday. Aside from the venue itself, you’d surely be able to find other suppliers who’d be willing to offer discounts such as the photographer, caterer, and florist. 

3. Reduce Your Wedding Guest List 

This tip may be a little hard to do on your end, but if you’re determined to have a fancier wedding despite a tight budget, you can make it work. What you need to do is narrow down your guest list and select only the people who are the closest and the dearest to both you and your partner. 

Distant relatives would surely understand, especially if the pandemic isn’t over yet. The best approach is to be straightforward about it and let family and friends know that you’ll be limiting your guest list. Check with those you plan to invite and confirm if they’ll be able to make it or not. From the confirmations you have, you can start creating an intimate guest list. 

4. Do The Planning Yourself 

While it may be convenient and hassle-free to hire a wedding planner and organizer, you might want to think of your budget again. If you have the time and working knowledge, you and your partner can plan and organize everything. You’ll have the chance to know every little detail of the wedding and make it as unique and as fancy as you want. 

Additionally, you get first-hand experience and complete control over the budget if you do the planning. You can choose among various suppliers and vendors without getting the opinion or recommendation of a planner. The decision is up to you and your spouse to be, plus, planning your own wedding can be a great bonding time for the both of you.

5. Shorten Your Reception Time 

Shortening your reception time can significantly reduce the wedding cost. The venue rental won’t have to be that long, and you can save on entertainment, food, and alcohol expenses. Imagine if you’ll do a full five-hour reception length; you’ll need more budget for cocktails, dancing, and dinner or lunch.  

If you reduce reception time to just an hour or so, you won’t have to spend a lot on the reception. There’d still be drinking but not over the top, especially if you have an open bar. The band won’t have to stay for hours, as well. You’d also cut the costs for photography and videography.


Getting married on a tight budget doesn’t mean you’ll just have to make do of what you have. You can still make your wedding fancier by thinking of ways to make the special day more affordable without it looking dull and ordinary. 

You can go over this list as you plan for your wedding to have an idea of how you can have a dream wedding without breaking the bank. With the money you get to save, you can get started with your married life wisely. After that, you may also consider exploring the world’s top holiday destinations for your honeymoon.