Melbourne’s Tramp Bar Announce Final Run of Tittilating Weekly

Melbourne is so hot right when it comes to night time action that some would say there is actually too much going on every weekend. Well, you can take one item off your to-do- list. The city’s longest running Friday night, the provocatively titled Fake Tits, a collaboration between the party monster crew Loud Entertainment and CBD club Tramp Bar, has finally called it a night after 6 years of good times, porno-themed parties, and of course, all night dancing to the cities best DJs.

Don’t fret though, if you’re in Melbourne during the month of June you will have the opportunity to pay your respects at one of the remaining 4 Friday nights left. And in true form they have announced details for their most raucous final weeks yet – and even more promotions you can shake a dildo at to honour what has been a sexy and tight 6 years.

If you’re on a shoe-string budget these 3 promotions should bring you some relief:

  1. Just attend two of the four final parties planned and you could win a chance to win a $2k bar tab for you and ten mates by simply attending. Jesus.
  2. Camera’s ready, prepare to flash! In the final month of June, patrons will be able to post their favorite, most outrageous FT photo, into a specially created ‘final four’ event group. Every day during June, the photo with the most likes will win a $100 bar tab to be used that coming Friday. That’s 30 X $100 daily bar tabs for the month to be won (that is 7 per week folks). All in the name of celebrating six years of sin of course.
  3. If you attend just two of the first three parties in June, and sign a register on arrival, you will be invited to a special one hour free pre-drinks bar event at the FT closing party. Styling!

Goddamn, that is quite the closing celebration.  Check the final run dates below and get involved. And if you’re around for longer than just June, then stay tuned: Word on the street is that with every closing door another opens up, so no doubt Tramp will continue its proud tradition of delivering titillating Friday nights.

FT flyer


June 3rd – MAJOR ACT TBA

June 10th – Last Ever FT Porno Party
(the most infamous FT event)

June 17th – FT 6th Bday
(Spacey Space, Boogs, Sunshine & more)

June 24th – FT Finale
(all DJ residents from the beginning to the end)

Oh, and if you want to stay in touch with announcements and details to enter the fine promotions then stay in touch through their official events page